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Watch the Italian Glass Series

4 Episodes Present Italian Glass Industry Excellence

In the four-episode Italian Glass Series, leading Italian glass machinery and equipment companies provide a closer look at new techniques and product innovations designed to have a cutting-edge impact on the U.S. market. Audiences are able to watch glass-working machinery in motion, and hear exclusive interviews with developers, engineers and entrepreneurs from Italian suppliers.

The series is organized and promoted by the Italian Trade Agency, the governmental agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad), and GIMAV, the Italian Association of manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing, in collaboration with the National Glass Association.

Companies featured in the series will be present at the dedicated Italian Pavilion during GlassBuild America, set for Atlanta, Sept. 13-15, and at Vitrum, to be held Oct. 5-8 in Milan.

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Italian Innovation

In Episode 1, “Italian Innovation,” Italian companies Adelio Lattuada, Elettromeccanica Bovone, Fratelli Pezza and Italcarrelli will detail new techniques and  products they have developed to meet the needs of their customers. While some trends come and go, the Italian glass machinery industry has been a consistent international staple for the sector. 

Italian Ingenuity

Episode 2, “Italian Ingenuity,” highlights the new product development of Mappi International, Schiatti Angelo and Skill Glass. Each video will demonstrate how Italian ingenuity has long been a focal point in the global glasswork sector.

Bespoke Business

Episode 3, “Bespoke Business,” dives further into the bedrock of Italian ingenuity in the glasswork sector and shows to what lengths these companies go to deliver world class, one-of-a-kind products to their customers across the globe: Cugher Glass, OMV Vismara, Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments and Glass Service.

The Impossible Made Possible

Episode 4, “The Impossible Made Possible,” asks the question: When handed the specifications for difficult projects, how do Italian manufacturers habitually rise to the challenge and make the impossible possible? The Italian companies Cefla S.C., Star, and RBM (ADI) will try to answer.