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Safety Always Wins

We just completed Construction Safety Week, and what was nice was the push for that extra training needed to keep our teams safe in the shop and in the field. While I talk about labor here a ton, I don’t talk enough about the importance of the safety of those who are already working with us. We shouldn’t be cutting corners on safety (or the education and training of it) and really, in fact, should be going all in.

By Max Perilstein | May 10, 2021

Wood Without the Work

When your project calls for the natural beauty of wood, but needs the high-performance longevity of aluminum, wood grain finishes can provide the best of both. Textured wood grain finish options mimic not just the look, but also the feel of natural wood.

By Tammy Schroeder | May 06, 2021

Enhance Worker Performance With Automation

According to the March 2021 jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. employers went on a massive hiring spree adding 916,000 workers to their payrolls, including 110,000 in construction and 53,000 in manufacturing. This caused the unemployment rate to fall to 6 percent as the labor force participation rate increased. As the U.S. economy continues to reopen, competition for labor will continue to heat up. How can we in the fenestration industry compete with other industries for new workers?

Supply Chain Scaries

Every few months a complete supply chain update for the building product world is published by Gilbane. It is an excellent resource and for the longest time glass was always listed as “stable” in the three main categories of price, inventories, and deliveries. That is no longer the case as in the latest release glass is now noted as “increasing” under the price category, and “stabilizing” under the other two.

By Max Perilstein | May 03, 2021

3 Tools to Leverage Your Instagram Business Account

Having a robust social media presence is key to furthering awareness of your brand, gaining customer leads and getting more clicks to your website. However, as social media platforms change, so do their features. Specific to Instagram Business accounts, here are some tools you already have available to you and how to apply them.

By Meryl Williams | April 27, 2021

The Vax

Since the pandemic started, I have pretty much made it a mission not to talk specifically about anything directly connected to it. This post however I am going to break that approach. Reason being is I am curious on what companies are doing with regards to the vaccination process. 

By Max Perilstein | April 26, 2021

How to Ensure a Quality Install

The documentary, “The Quest for Quality: A Certified Solution,” investigates how standards of quality can be defined for glass installation and how the glass industry supply chain can work to anticipate conflicts and challenges.

April 23, 2021

Introducing a New Name in Float Glass

It’s not often the North American float glass industry welcomes a new plant, let alone an entirely new company, to the market. Learn more about Canadian Premium Sand's plans to start a float plant outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

By Katy Devlin | April 23, 2021

The Inspiration Created by Collaboration

I started out as an apprentice in Las Vegas, during the mid-80s. The various journeyman glaziers I worked with had different ideas about how much they wanted to contribute to my education, and it soon became obvious that some were happy to teach me about the craft, while others saw a new hire as a threat to their own livelihood.

By Chris Phillips | April 21, 2021

Want energy savings? Don’t forget the cladding attachments

Most of us in the glazing industry understand that to meet model energy codes’ increasingly stringent requirements and to achieve their intended energy savings, we need buildings with high-performance fenestration and façade systems. Focusing on the glass, we sometimes overlook the importance that wall cladding and connecting elements play in attaining high thermal performance.

By William Green | April 21, 2021