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Texas, Speakers, and DC

Big week ahead as the 4th Texas Glass Conference kicks off this week outside of Austin. The Texas Glass Association once again has put together an amazing agenda, and the speaking group/subject matter is top-notch. I can’t wait to be there to participate! I am very curious to get some insight from the attendees on the various product trends, too. Even though that is one area I am talking about, I am looking forward to some feedback on what other people are seeing and experiencing. I’ll have the recap with pertinent details next week here on the blog!

By Max Perilstein | May 13, 2024

Common Architect FAQs for Manufacturers and Suppliers

As an aluminum window and curtain wall manufacturer, we assist the design team with technical product information and guidance on products’ proper application in their buildings. Our industry has the knowledge to answer architects’ questions and product solutions to address their needs.

New Pod and More

Finally, we have a new podcast episode for you! The latest From the Fabricator podcast is now live with two insanely talented guys. First up, maybe you caught my hint last week on a guest being “sharp.” Well, this one is…both for real and in name. Kyle Sharp from Sharp Glass gets us going. It is interesting to run through his past and present. Also great looks at the market, doing things the right way, and, of course, the awesome and upcoming Texas Glass Con IV. Which is open for more than just folks in Texas by the way- good event!. 


By Max Perilstein | May 06, 2024

A New Era Is Here

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings offer standardization, and cost-effectiveness, to construction. While the systems have had historical difficulty incorporating effective daylighting options, new solar illumination products offer the potential to ensure both sustainability and lower cost.

Embracing Change

Automation is reshaping the workforce landscape, necessitating quality control systems capable of maintaining peak efficiency with fewer experienced workers on the line. Amidst these shifts, the pursuit of higher throughput underscores the critical importance of advanced quality control solutions.

The Challenges Continue

Last month when the Architectural Billings Index (ABI) came in with a stunning “positive” number, there were two thoughts. Is this the start of the comeback, or is it a fluke? Welp. We got our answer this week, and it came with authority. The ABI checked in at a horrendous 43.6. Or, as the main analyst from the AIA called it, “A fairly major disappointment.” This is the lowest rating since December of 2020. The analysis of this low score pointed to interest rate growth fear and, thus, the cost of money. A month ago, things seemed like they were stabilizing on that front. It’s changed.

By Max Perilstein | April 29, 2024

Addressing Labor Shortages through Outreach

Labor is the number one pain point for industry companies. In the recent Thirsty Thursday webinar, “Recruitment Resources for Installers,” hosted by the National Glass Association, Jodi Martinez, vice president of AllStar Glass and NGA board member, and Jenni Chase, vice president of workforce development for the National Glass Association address how to interest the next generation in a glass industry career, and what free resources exist to get companies started.

"Get to the Chopper," or Fatherly Wisdom from the Terminator

With one of my sons finishing up his freshman year of college and another graduating from high school, the father in me always looks to provide wisdom and guidance. Technical Glass Products (TGP) also has a new sales team member starting who is eager and ready to learn. “Have a clear vision” can mean a few things and can help most of us achieve, whether that’s finishing a semester in school or starting a new career.

Moving On, Moving Forward

Not sure if you heard the news last week that the one and only Andrew Haring was leaving the NGA and returning to the for-profit world in an undisclosed position. There’s an “LOL” needed because you had to have heard…the news hit, and it spread pretty much like nothing I have seen. And for good reason. Andrew made a significant and incredible mark on our industry in a relatively short time.

By Max Perilstein | April 22, 2024

Catch Up Time

No traditional lead story this week, just a lot of catching up with tidbits of information and happenings around the glass world. Plus, if I write about the adventure with interest rates and dire predictions from this past week, I may get too depressed to continue, so I’ll save that for another time. So let’s jump into some lighter industry related fare!

By Max Perilstein | April 15, 2024