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Tom O'Malley

tom o'malley

Tom O’Malley is a founding partner at Clover Architectural Products and is vice president of sales. He has been in the aluminum and glass industry for 23 years. Currently he focuses his time on working with architects, helping to bring their ideas to fruition.

Saying Goodbye Doesn’t Have to Be Forever

Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do. I have had many people in my professional career that I have also had to say goodbye to in one form or another. These people are important to me as they helped shape who I have become in my career. Now more than ever, we should be keeping in touch and reaching…

How and Why Sunshades Can Make Your Project Attractive to a GC

While sunshades used to be considered mostly decorative, they have evolved and are recognized as a critical part of a glass and metal system, with respect to energy performance and design. Here's a review of trends to know and understand in sunshades right now.

Who Wants to Laugh?

I think we can all agree the pandemic issues are still out there, whether it is a shortage of people to work, material delays, rising costs or handful of other things. It sure can make going to work tough and it can mentally and physically drain you. So that’s why you need to find solutions. One of…

Don't Be Greedy

I know we have been in situations where we needed some extra work done and instead of charging us, our vendor said they will handle it no charge. That’s what a partner is all about. Not that they wouldn’t have been in the right to charge me, but they knew in the end it was a gesture we would…

Embrace the Future Without Forgetting the Past

As much as the last year or so has been a complete disaster as far as everyone’s sanity is concerned, it has also been a blessing in some ways. After dealing with some crazy long hours the last couple of years it is somewhat refreshing to come home and spend time with my family and not just reopen…

Same Work, Different Office-mates

As we all are dealing with the unknown of Covid-19 we are also dealing with the unfamiliarity of our current working situation. I think we can all say it is not as easy or fun as it may seem. It is even harder when you may have your kids, spouse or roommates home with you. 

Industry Partnerships are Key to Business Success

As a new blog contributor, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a look at my past, the chances I took in business, and the partners who supported myself and the business along the way. It seems like only yesterday that, at the age of 43 and with three kids, I ventured into this new…