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Current Issue: May/June 2021

3 Applications Transformed with Fire-rated Glass

A new breed of fire-resistive glass has transformed how architects design and reimagine spaces. 

Product Solution: C.R. Laurence Palisades™ S100 Sliding Door

The C.R. Laurence Palisades S100 Sliding Door features a sophisticated design that makes a visual statement using remarkable simplicity.

School Security Glazing FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding school security glazing requirements and applications, answered by NGA task group members.

Prevailing Party: The Contractual Booby Trap

A contractual booby trap often overlooked is the “prevailing party” clause. This contractual term shifts the risk and expense of disputes and legal proceedings in ways that not only harm the bottom line, but also limit leverage and options when…

Dynamic companies navigate a changed economy

Last year's report found Top 50 Glaziers toward the start of the pandemic, confronting new impacts on labor and the economy. A year on, short-term changes have become long-term adaptations, as businesses continually adjust to life and work with…

How to Ensure a Quality Install

The documentary, “The Quest for Quality: A Certified Solution,” investigates how standards of quality can be defined for glass installation and how the glass industry supply chain can work to anticipate conflicts and challenges.

Watch the Italian Glass Series

In the four-episode Italian Glass Series, leading Italian glass machinery and equipment companies provide a closer look at new techniques and product innovations designed to have a cutting-edge impact on the U.S. market. Watch the episodes. 

Are You Ready for the Challenges Ahead?

Every January, I take my company through a process to prepare it for the year’s challenges. The goal is to position the company to handle problems and take advantage of opportunities. 

Training the Next Generation

Finding and keeping skilled labor is the top challenge facing U.S. glazing contractors. In response, a growing number of companies and industry organizations are looking to apprenticeship programs to bridge the skills gap and train the next…

Introducing a New Name in Float Glass

It’s not often the North American float glass industry welcomes a new plant, let alone an entirely new company, to the market. Learn more about Canadian Premium Sand's plans to start a float plant outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.