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Product Solution | Glassfab Hardware and Glazing Supplies

Glassfab Hardware and Glazing Supplies is a new online store catering to the needs of professionals in the architectural glass sector. 

Great Glazing | CME Center

Door Service Inc. selected Ellison Bronze for its ability to custom craft a series of balanced doors to fit the precise curvatures of the CME Center’s new glass curtainwall.

Q+A with Apogee | Celebrating 75 Years in Glass

CEO Ty Silberhorn Eyes Growth, Innovation and Evolution for the Building Products Leader.

Product Solution | CRL’s New Premium Shower Door Sliders

CRL’s exclusive line of Premium Shower Door Sliders elevates the look and function of shower enclosures.

Q + A with Kalwall Corp. | Shining a Light on Innovation

Translucent daylighting solutions promote human-centered design for healthy and sustainable buildings.

Great Glazing | P.S. 046 Addition, The Alley Pond School

Glass & metal supplied by Pulp Studio.

Q + A with Viracon | At the Forefront of Transformative Solutions

Creative thinking, adoption of innovative technologies and processes, and a commitment to quality and sustainability set Viracon apart and position it for long-term success.

Product Solution | Patio Inowa

Roto Patio Inowa is a premium hardware system that offers innovative technology, concealed design and unparalleled performance.

Product Solution | Enhanced Alice Direct-to-Glass Printing

Utilizing ceramic frit ink and Dip-Tech’s enhanced printing technology, GGI's Alice® provides high-resolution designs combined with precision fabrication.

Product Solution | FlexScreen Automated Window Screen Line

FlexScreen worked with Erdman Automation Corp., the premier automation company in the window and door industry, to design and build an almost fully automated manufacturing line for FlexScreen.

Great Glazing | Block 185

Block 185 in Austin, Texas, features several high-performance, Ellison Bronze custom balanced doors specified by the architects in charge, Pelli Clarke & Partners.

Q + A with Glassfab | Inclusivity Shapes the Company Culture

Creating a considerate atmosphere allows employees to bring their true selves to work and focus on performing at a high level for customers.

Great Glazing | Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center

The project’s high altitude at 14,115 feet above sea level presented unique challenges and design criteria for the Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope team.

Product Solution | SuperClear® 45-HS-LI

SuperClear® 45-HS-LI (hose stream, low-iron) is a new, patented, USA-made, fire-protective glazing that meets all fire, safety and hose stream requirements for 45-minute doors, sidelites, transoms and openings.

Great Glazing | Lincoln Center David Geffen Hall

Pulp Studio created over 8,700 square feet of flat and bent laminated glass railings and guardrails, chemically strengthened for the tight 8-inch radii specified for the job.

Product Solution | Solid B Hinge

Aluminum profiles have grown in popularity in the commercial sector, and so has the need for hardware aesthetically and functionally compatible with this trend. Roto designed the Solid B butt hinges for hinged aluminum doors to fit this need.

Q + A with CRL | Innovation Boosted by Vigorous Testing

A vital component of the innovation process, in-house product testing helps companies enhance product quality, iterate on designs, streamline development cycles, protect intellectual property and foster a culture of invention. 

Q + A with Roto North America | Maximizing Resources through Innovation

How Roto is delivering hardware solutions for a new age of innovation.

Product Solution | New Decorative Glass Designs

GGI continues to expand its specialty glass offering by introducing a range of new textured patterned glass designs.

Great Glazing | Fire-rated Glazing at One Vanderbilt

Fire-rated glass and glazing in several key areas, including in the entrance to the location of its largest tenant, TD Bank.

Q + A with Salem | Helping to Manufacture the Future

Mike Synon, president of HHH Equipment Resources, and Ashley Price, Salem Fabrication Supplies, talk end-to-end glass fabrication, the challenges and opportunities involved with integrating automated machinery into a fabrication plant, and Salem’s product and process expertise.   

Product Solution: CRL's Showers Online®

CRL’s new Showers Online® with web capability provides faster and easier access to design shower enclosures while in the office or on the go. Use with any mobile device to design, quote, and order shower hardware anytime and from anywhere.

Product Solution | PriWatt Glass Solutions for Health Care Buildings by Smart Glass Technologies

One tool that can help enhance safety and privacy measures and speed up daily operations is Smart Glass Technologies’ PriWatt Switchable Privacy Smart Glass, which ensures “privacy on demand” and has been used in numerous healthcare installations.

An Interview with Bruno Biasiotta

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope’s new CEO sheds light on company strategy, opportunities in energy efficiency and more.

Product Solution | Kodiak® Glass Edging Machinery and Tooling by Salem

With more than 100 years of experience, Salem Fabrication Technologies Group Inc. brings the glass industry an innovative, exclusive line of glass polishing equipment and tooling designed specifically with North American fabricators in mind. 

Glassfab Looks to the Future

In recent years, Glassfab leaders have been actively pursuing new investments to meet evolving market demands, all while undergoing a major management transition as several founding members of the team move toward retirement.

Product Solution | 2500 UT Unitwall® System by Kawneer

The 2500 UT Unitwall® System is a cost-effective, unitized framing system that reduces the time required to fabricate, assemble, glaze and install.

Great Glazing | Careington DialCare

Dark bronze standing seam metal panels, installed vertically, combine with a geometric glass curtainwall to create a signature entrance for the building.

Great Glazing | La Memoria de la Tierra at UCLA

Pulp Studio created a unique, mineral-ingrained glass artwork mural for UCLA’s Centennial that is a permanent celebration on campus.

Product Solution | GPX Builders Series Doors by SAFTI FIRST

GPX Builders Series Doors from SAFTI FIRST provide the ultimate vision, transparency and fire protection from 20 to 90 minutes.

Product Solution | Skudo Glass Advanced

Skudo Glass Advanced is the perfect solution for all construction projects requiring temporary window and glass protection from start to finish.   

Q+A with GlassFab: Building a Culture of Quality and Service

Glass Magazine sits down with Mike Goldfarb, one of Glassfab’s original managing partners and vice president of sales for the company. Goldfarb discussed his history in the industry, the impressive growth of Glassfab, and how to build a culture of quality and service that lasts.

Product Solution | Retrofit Security Applications for Glazing

Cutting-edge solutions can retroactively harden glass and improve building safety and security. NGS offers a tiered approach to glazing security that can be customized based on budget and risk level.

Great Glazing | Central Subway – Union Square Market Street Station

The newly designed Central Subway Station in San Francisco features a fire-rated glass floor on the surface of Union Square.

Solution: Sun Control and All-Season Window Films from NGS

NGS provides sun control window films that increase energy efficiency, optimize heat gain, improve occupant comfort, prevent interior fading and more. 

Embracing Change

Automation is reshaping the workforce landscape, necessitating quality control systems capable of maintaining peak efficiency with fewer experienced workers on the line. Amidst these shifts, the pursuit of higher throughput underscores the critical importance of advanced quality control solutions.…

Spec the edge. High performance begins on the edge.

The frame and edge of glass are critical to creating a high-performance window system. Regardless of what is done with the number of panes, coatings and gases, if the frame and edge of glass are not well-insulated, heat and cold will find a way through. 

Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass – the Ultimate Blank Canvas

For 25 years, the BEC Conference has brought together glazing company leaders, giving them the platform to share best practices and solutions. As a longstanding NGA member and sponsor of the BEC Conference, Vitro – the industry leader in reimagining the future of architectural glass – relishes…

Innergy® AP by Deceuninck North America

Increasingly stringent energy code mandates are requiring curtain walls to be built to optimal levels of thermal performance while still offering essential structural support. Specifiers must find products that strike this balance.

Great Glazing | 601 Massachusetts Ave.

A 10-story glass façade fronts the atrium at the landmark 601 Massachusetts Ave. project  in downtown Washington, D.C. The Pilkington Planar point-supported glazing system by W&W Glass secures panes of Pilkington Optiwhite™ true low-iron glass to a series of 26-meter-wide one-piece horizontal…

Great Glazing | PrairieCare Medical Group Rochester

Designers opted for neutral-toned metal flush and relief wall panels from PAC-CLAD | Petersen installed in a vertical arrangement to echo the curtain wall’s mullions.

Solution: TCR-225 Thermal Window Wall from OBE

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® (OBE), a leading global supplier of architectural glass, metal and hardware, recently added a new thermal window wall system to its portfolio: TCR-225. TCR-225 thermal window wall joins OBE’s suite of façade products for projects and markets requiring high-performing…

Product Solution | SuperClear 45-HS-LI by SAFTI FIRST

SAFTI FIRST’s SuperClear 45-HS-LI (hose stream low-iron) is a new, affordable, patent-pending 45-minute glazing product that replaces unsafe wire glass and expensive ceramics, considered obsolete by SAFTI FIRST, in all 45-minute applications. 

Product Solution: C.R. Laurence Palisades™ S100 Sliding Door

The C.R. Laurence Palisades S100 Sliding Door features a sophisticated design that makes a visual statement using remarkable simplicity.

Great Glazing | SAFTI FIRST | The University of California Merced

Merced 2020 is an ambitious, $1.2 billion extensive expansion of the University of California Merced campus.

StormMax® Hurricane-Resistant Storefront | Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope launched the StormMax® Hurricane-Resistant Storefront series, a fully upgraded framing system that stands up to wind, water and projectiles, achieving Category 5 storm protection. The series is offered in three models—FG-5700 StormMax®, FG-5750 StormMax® and FG-5750T…

Great Glazing | Tepper Quad at Carnegie Mellon University

An impressive structural glass wall highlights the new David A. Tepper Quadrangle, or Tepper Quad, at Carnegie Mellon University.