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Spec the edge. High performance begins on the edge.

TechnoformThe frame and edge of glass are critical to creating a high-performance window system. Regardless of what is done with the number of panes, coatings and gases, if the frame and edge of glass are not well-insulated, heat and cold will find a way through. 

Incorporating Technoform’s plastic hybrid stainless steel warm edge spacer and high-precision polyamide-based insulation profiles in fenestration improves thermal performance without sacrificing durability or design.  

Technoform provides high-performance solutions that improve the thermal performance of façade, fenestration and cladding systems. Its best-in-class building envelope products are developed through collaboration and partnerships with its customers to boost thermal performance of insulating glass, windows, doors, curtainwall, storefront and opaque façades. The relatively low cost and high performance of Technoform’s components help building designs to balance energy efficiency with occupant health and comfort without compromising aesthetics. Contact us for more information.