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High-Performance Fenestration Gives Health Care a Clear Advantage

In all climates and conditions, high-performance fenestration and glazing systems give healthcare facilities a clear advantage. In 2023, 41% of hospitals invested in, upgraded or improved their building envelope according to American Society of Health Care Engineers’ Hospital Construction Survey.…

Common Architect FAQs for Manufacturers and Suppliers

As an aluminum window and curtain wall manufacturer, we assist the design team with technical product information and guidance on products’ proper application in their buildings. Our industry has the knowledge to answer architects’ questions and product solutions to address their needs.

Designing with Cast and Heat-Formed Decorative Glass

The National Glass Association is an approved AIA Provider and, thanks to the involvement of its volunteer members, has nine approved industry-consensus presentations available. Members may use these presentations when contacting architects and other interested parties. More architect resources are…

Resources for Glass and Glazing Professionals

The National Glass Association has published 80+ Glass Technical Papers (GTPs), covering all aspects of glass and glazing building products. These resources are made possible by the time and commitment of industry volunteers, code experts and NGA staff. 

Building Efficiency

Metal companies adapt their systems for less labor and greater sustainability.

Museum Honors Native Worldview

Glass companies collaborated on the unique design of the First Americans Museum.

New Approaches  to Glass Partition Designs

Modern interior glass partitions are meeting the needs of contemporary next-generation office spaces.

Reflections on Mirror

The technical services team of the National Glass Association maintains the NGA Codes & Standards Help Center to provide general guidance to its member community. The following is a compilation of inquiries about flat glass mirror. 

NGA’s Newest Manual Announced at NGA Glass Conference in Tacoma

At the NGA Glass Conference: Tacoma, taking place July 25-July 27, NGA announced the addition of a new technical manual, the Frameless Shower Enclosure Design and Installation Manual, to its library of resources.

VIG’s Future-proof Performance

Vacuum insulating glass, or VIG, offers daylighting options with enhanced thermal and acoustic performance. Industry experts say interest in VIG is growing, but barriers to adoption remain.

Eye on Interiors

How designers look to glass for flexible workspaces, stylish home interiors.

Heavy Glass Doors

Top considerations for safe and secure design and installation: an excerpt from the National Glass Association’s updated version of the Heavy Glass Door Design Manual (2021).

Health + Safety

How glass improves lives for building occupants, contributing to human health and safety where people live, work, heal and play. With resources from the National Glass Association.

Architectural Color Trends Go Simple for 2023

Architectural coating suppliers released color palettes taking inspiration from nature. Palettes include natural greens, cheerful accents and a range of neutrals.

Vinyl is Worth Considering for Commercial Applications

Sustainability and energy efficiency are major, still-growing trends in the commercial construction space. Window and glass systems contribute significantly to a building’s efficiency. For commercial professionals, it’s worth exploring the available technology to meet today’s demands.

Sunshades as a Solution to Combating Solar Heat Gain

Properly specified and installed sunshades can help mitigate the effects of intense direct sunlight on the building envelope, particularly during the summer months when glass façades are most vulnerable.

Curtain Wall Basics

Regardless of the installation methods used, curtain wall systems must address five primary design considerations: structural integrity, movement capability, weathertightness, energy efficiency and sound control.

All About Glass & Metals: The Importance of Thermal Bridging

For fenestration assemblies, the potential for thermal bridges may occur where the window framing meets the surrounding wall. An excerpt from Thermal Bridging Considerations at Interface Conditions Design Guide, available for download in the NGA Store.

Ally Charlotte Center First in City’s Skyline With Polycarbonate Panel Glazing System

The 26-story, 750,000 square foot Ally Charlotte Center is the first building in Charlotte, North Carolina to be completed with a long-span, high-load polycarbonate glazing panel system.

Safe + Beautiful + Frameless

Design considerations for frameless shower enclosures including doors and fixed panels, dimensional tolerances and limitations, hardware and structural support, visual quality expectations, and cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Manage Risks with Mockups

Test performance, identify design concerns and align expectations before construction begins.

4 Things Standing in the Way of Daylighting and Views

From the consequences of not designing for occupant health to communicating the payback to building owners.

Communicate the Benefits of Daylighting

Use the enormous body of knowledge about daylighting to demonstrate how modern architectural glass products can achieve common benefits for building designers and owners.

The Importance of Designing for Our (Un)natural Habitat

An excerpt from Lisa Heschong’s book, “Visual Delight in Architecture.”

Views + Daylight

Leading industry voices discuss the role of natural light and views on human health and performance, and the essential role of glass in daylighting design. Plus, NGA resources, including a webinar on the use of glass in biophilic design. 

Let’s Talk About the Importance of Daylight

Controversy arose recently around the submitted plans for a largely windowless at UC Santa Barbara, with plans submitted by non-architect and Berkshire Hathaway executive, Charles Munger. Andrew Haring of the National Glass Association reminds readers about the importance of daylighting for…

6 Reasons to Love Architectural Glass

Among structural materials, glass is worthy of our admiration, with many properties that make it uniquely suited to enhance the beauty, design and performance of buildings. It benefits people; it benefits the environment.  

NGA Launches Updated Glass & Glazing Design Academy

NGA launched its updated Glass & Glazing Design Academy, made available to architects and industry professionals through a partnership with Architectural Record.

Glazing Design Analysis Using NGA's Engineering Standards Manual and Heavy Glass Door Design Guide

The tables in these two manuals can be used to determine minimum allowable glass thickness, open joints widths that do not allow fingers to be inserted or trapped, and appropriate hardware selection for interior glass walls and heavy glass doors. Szotkowski gave three examples illustrating how to…

Divided by a Common Language

These key players—architect, owner, general contractor, glazing subcontractor, consultant, manufacturer and academic—operate in silos, often not seeming to speak the same language when communicating with each other. There is frequently confusion when trying to understand each other’s perspectives.

The Industry’s Next Step

This December issue of Glass Magazine closes out an amazing decade in the industry—one that has witnessed a redefining of what’s possible with glass. What will the next 10 years bring? What are the long- and short-term trends, challenges and opportunities for architectural glass? How can industry…

TPS in Insulating Glass

The Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia, features a 260-meter glass roof created with 4SG Reactive Thermoplastic Spacer from H.B. Fuller. Photo by Aaron Pocock. Today’s insulating glass market presents a growing number of challenges, from automation demands to requirements for…

The Professional Services Perspective: Delegated Design and Engineering

Delegated design is the process where the design professional of record, the architect or engineer (AOR or EOR), defers detailed design and engineering responsibilities for certain building elements or systems, usually to a constructor or subcontractor, and their “delegated design” professional,…

The Professional Services Perspective: Structural Engineering Cookbook

Engineering is a blend of math, science, physics, artistry, with applied creativity and some “magic”; a blend of the intuitive with quantitative analysis. It is a miraculous endeavor really, and of great worth when expressed properly. Because of properly expressed engineering, millions of square…

The Professional Services Perspective: Thermal Performance

The building industry is shifting in its demands for thermal performance and thermal analysis on wall systems. More projects require thermal analysis, factors such as dew point and edge-of-glass U-values have become more important, and collaboration across the project team is on the rise. In this…

Designing for Accessibility

According to AARP, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. Combine this with the CDC’s statistic that one out of every five adults in the U.S. lives with a disability, and the trend toward designing for accessibility is a growing one. The Americans with Disabilities Act was established in 1990 by…

The Professional Services Perspective: Design-Assist Procurement and Collaboration

Design-assist procurement is the best possible approach to developing and completing design, engineering and construction of custom curtain wall and cladding projects. All curtain wall projects should be executed with some form of design-assist or design-engineering. Design-assist, or DA, is a…

Interior Glass Doors: Built for safety, size and style

Interior glass partitions and doors highlight the offices of financial planning software company PIEtech in Powhatan, Virginia. SMBW Architects chose large interior glass systems for the project, including: Pure Enclose Framed Glass Wall Systems with EML372 Magnetic Locks RTS88 COC and TG…

Demystifying ADA Compliant Entrances

The UCLA Luskin Conference Center features multiple enhancements to optimize accessibility. Pictured is the CRL-U.S. Aluminum Balanced Doors with 10-inch ADA bottom rails and low energy power operators. According to the Americans with Disabilities 2010 report, approximately 30.6…

The Art of Measuring, Fabricating and Installing Storefront

CRL-U.S. Aluminum IT451 thermal storefront system with Series 400-T thermal entrance doors. Photo by Derek Lepper. Storefront systems can drastically enhance commercial and retail environments by improving brand identity and visibility for various types of businesses. They provide architects…

Curtain-wall designs

Second in a series Glass-and-metal curtain walls can provide an attractive, durable and cost-effective cladding solution, but in many buildings, these wall systems are plagued with problems ranging from air and water leakage to falling trim covers. The first article on page 82 of April Glass…