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Great Glazing | Lincoln Center David Geffen Hall

New theater creates an intimate, inclusive experience for the audience

David Geffen Hall glass railing

Pulp StudioSocial/Public Spaces: Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects
Concert Hall: Diamond Schmitt
Photos: Michael Moran

The Basics

The new Lincoln Center David Geffen Hall, designed by Diamond Schmitt and Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, was decades in the works but completed ahead of schedule and under budget since the pandemic forced the closure of the Avery Fisher Hall.

David Geffen Hall glass stairway

The Design

The first priority was to improve and revitalize the acoustics inside the main theater, to make sure it was the best-in-class acoustic experience for the New York Philharmonic. What resulted is a completely new theater inside the building, not just a renovation, creating an intimate and inclusive experience for the audience.

The glass

Everything in the building, from door handles and floorboards to railings, feels reassuringly solid. Pulp Studio created over 8,700 square feet of flat and bent laminated glass railings and guardrails, chemically strengthened for the tight 8-inch radii specified for the job. Pulp Studio’s proprietary Precision Edge® technology was used to post-polish the glass edgework for a refined look using its two-decade-old proven process. In addition, guardrail glass was added with a specially etched, low-iron, laminated glass, finished with a digital design for an enhanced level of privacy and intimacy.

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