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Product Solution | Patio Inowa

By Roto 

high-rise unit with heavy glass patio doors

Key Features

  • Sash weight of up to 882 pounds (400 kg)
  • Dimensions up to 3,000 mm wide and 3,600 mm high
  • Convenient and simple operation
  • Tightly sealed


Roto North AmericaThe market for sliding patio doors has experienced substantial growth as a result of urbanization and an increased emphasis on enhanced living standards and sustainability. This demand has created a need for modern, high-performing window and door solutions that are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Inowa roller
Patio Inowa hardware system

Roto Patio Inowa is a premium hardware system that offers innovative technology, concealed design and unparalleled performance. The hardware has undergone rigorous testing against top-quality standards to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, the hardware allows sliding doors to maintain a tight seal, even in severe weather conditions, thanks to the circumferential gasket and active locking points. The system also offers exceptional sound insulation and reliable burglary protection.

The innovative closing mechanism and specially engineered SoftClose and SoftOpen functions ensure smooth, effortless operation, while the sturdy rollers and integrated linear ball bearings reduce rolling friction and support additional weight, enabling large sliding elements to move effortlessly.

Available in various formats, frame materials and design variations, Roto Patio Inowa is suitable for a wide range of applications, from windows to sliding patio doors. This versatility, along with well-crafted components, high-performance technology and a sleek appearance, makes this system ideal for the evolving demands of the sliding patio door market.

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