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Synergx's SURFX Glass Scanner

Surfx inspection system from synergxIn the last years, SYNERGX has adapted its state-of-the-art flat glass inspection solutions to the architectural glass market. Established in 2004, SYNERGX is a global leader in glass inspection solutions for the automotive market with systems installed in over 25 countries. Breaking new grounds, SYNERGX has reengineered its flat glass inspection products tailored specifically for architectural glass.

The SURFX GLASS scanner uses field proven technologies to inspect and find defects in flat glass more reliably, helping companies optimize production lines. Architectural glass manufacturers may use the SURFX technology to detect defective glasses with more precision and consistency than the human eye.

By minimizing both human inspection and potential liability with a quality guarantee from SYNERGX, you ensure your company is providing the best quality glass to your customers.

“Maintaining quality is more important now than ever, as more glass manufacturing companies are fighting for competitive advantages. The SURFX boosts the quality of your glass and ensures you come out ahead.” – Stephanie Denis, Sales Director, SYNERGX Technologies


  1. Automated inspection. The SURFX GLASS helps architectural glass manufacturers by automating the inspection process. Using SYNERGX’s dedicated systems, operators are easily able to catch and track defective glasses. The accompanying operator console will tell you not only which glass is defective, but also where the defects are on the glass, and of what type.
  2. Precision and flexibility. SYNERGX catches instances of broken glass, cracks, scratches, edge chips, inclusions, bubbles, distortions, and marks. Using this technology, operators and managers are also able to tune the level and size of defect allowable when scanning to provide customization to the quality of glass.
  3. Inspection for a range of glass types. The SURFX inspects all architectural glass types from bird safety glass, VIG, IGU, laminated, tempered, annealed, smart glass to solar.
  4. Avoiding costly mistakes. By using the SURFX to catch reject glasses before tempering, glass manufacturers avoid not only costly breaks in the tempering furnace, but also shutting down their production line for cleanup.

“We are excited to bring our flagship inspection system into this new market. Our architectural glass customers are highly impressed by the defect detection capabilities of the SURFX system. They now have a clear picture of the actual quality of their glass, and can better pinpoint production process improvements” – Normand McGuire, Product Manager, SYNERGX Technologies


SYNERGX recently teamed up with AGNORA to improve their production lines. While AGNORA already had scanners for edge and seaming lines, they wanted to improve their lamination process. With SYNERGX’s SURFX GLASS scanner, they significantly improved the glass inspection on their lamination line. Read the full case study here.


For more information, contact SYNERGX, or visit their website.