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Automation & Machinery

The Future of AI in the Glass Industry

AI is already finding applications to enhance human capabilities, automate tasks and extract insights from vast data, thus reshaping our technological frontiers.

Why Robotics Aren't a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Automation, after all, is being pushed as THE answer to problems large or small in all industries, right along with AI.  While these are powerful tools, utilizing them in the incorrect way will set you behind. By striking the right balance between automation and human involvement, fabricators can…

Preparing for Growth: Why Glass Fabricators Should Automate the Coating Process

As the single-family market is poised to return in 2024, glass fabricators will find themselves at the forefront of meeting the growing demand for high-quality, innovative solutions in the shower door market. From glass cutting and edge polishing to glass tempering and protective glass coatings,…

A How-To Guide to Routine Maintenance

Maintenance should be a part of any production process. Routine maintenance can help manufacturers save money, ensure efficiency and safety, and avoid machine downtime. Here's a list of simple steps to follow for routine maintenance.

Benefiting from E-commerce Software

E-commerce solutions are available for companies of all sizes, and allow employees to configure quotes, place orders, generate documentation and communicate the status of orders.

Glass Lamination Systems

The addition of laminated glass production for any company is a major investment, so it is critical to ensure when purchasing equipment that it is designed to produce the products a company wishes to sell, while also being cost-effective to operate.

How to Choose the Right Software System for Your Company: Part 3

Today we’ll cover the final two steps in the software buying process. If you’ve missed anything or need a refresher, please refer to Part 1 and Part II of this blog series.

How to Choose the Right Software System for Your Company

Choosing software for your business can be a daunting task, if not scary! There are many legitimate concerns. In an effort to help ease them, I will attempt to provide guidance in navigating software questions.

The Digital Factory

Smart Factory and Industry 4.0; the internet of things (IoT) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT); digitalization and intelligentization; artificial intelligence (AI), radio frequency identification (RFID), enterprise resource planning (ERP); and so many others. While the vocabulary can get…

Enhance Worker Performance With Automation

According to the March 2021 jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. employers went on a massive hiring spree adding 916,000 workers to their payrolls, including 110,000 in construction and 53,000 in manufacturing. This caused the unemployment rate to fall to 6 percent as the labor…

2020 Industry Trends | Part 3 | Equipment & Automation

2020 has challenged glass companies across all segments of the industry, but it hasn’t stopped the pace of innovation and evolution across the industry. This six-part series presents Glass Magazine’s complete Industry Trends report.

Do’s and Don’ts for New Machinery in 2020

The future factory features high-speed, efficient, automated machines whirring away, connected by the Internet of Things. Shop floor workers, rather than piecing together products with their hands and tools, are busy working with software to ensure that all processes are flowing as they should.…

What does 1 million loads mean to you?

Putting digitalization into practice in the glass processing industry has taken some time. But now the momentum has picked up and the number of users is accelerating rapidly. Why is this? Glaston has helped fuel the demand for greater digitalization by educating customers about the benefits,…