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SURFX Glass Inspection by SYNERGX

Synergx Flat Glass Inspection line

SYNERGX, an established global leader in automotive glass inspection, is extending its products and expertise to the architectural industry.

The SURFX GLASS is a fully automated inline inspection system for flat glass panels, designed for a wide range of glass manufacturing applications.

  • Inspection system used following the washing/drying process.  Provides high quality glass processors with an integrated inline flat glass inspection solution.
  • Complete Inline Flat Glass inspection for architectural glass processes
  • IGU lines: pre-assembly or complete unit
  • Tempering lines:  bed load inspection pre or post tempering
  • Lamination lines: pre or post.

ACHIEVE SIGNIFICANT PAYBACK WITH SYNERGX SURFX GLASS. We reduce your PPM defect rates to levels that are simply not possible with human inspections.