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Product Solution | Enhanced Alice Direct-to-Glass Printing


Alice Direct-to-Glass Printing


  • Durable ceramic frit ink
  • Custom colors & opacities
  • Enhanced production & resolution capabilities
  • Side one printing for bird-friendly applications
  • UV fade & scratch resistant

GGIGGI’s Alice® Direct-to-Glass Printing is the perfect way to inject personality and color into any glass application like never before. Utilizing ceramic frit ink and Dip-Tech’s enhanced printing technology, Alice® provides high-resolution designs combined with precision fabrication.

Choose from hundreds of standard designs available in GGI’s Inspiration Gallery or furnish artwork unique to each project. All designs can be easily and cost-effectively customized to meet the needs of the smallest to largest project design, including bird-friendly applications.

Conductive and precious metal inks in gold and white gold are also available.

gold glass design

From transparent to fully opaque—and any opacity level in between—Alice® Direct-to-Glass Printing offers limitless possibilities to create unique designs with long-lasting durability. UV fade and scratch resistant, Alice® is perfectly suitable for both exterior and interior installations.

Collaborate with GGI to streamline the process of incorporating direct-to-glass printed designs into curtain walls and storefronts, glass railings, structural glass wall systems, operable glass walls, and other glass applications.

Each direct-to-glass printed panel is digitally labeled and stored electronically to ensure the integrity of the design is maintained and the installation process runs smoothly.

Unlock your creative imagination and expand your fabricated glass capabilities by partnering with GGI on your next decorative glass project.

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