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Data & Benchmarking

Top 50 Glaziers 2023

As Top 50 Glaziers’ sales climb, companies struggle against worsening investment conditions.

2023 Top Glass Fabricators Report

Fabricators speed up to supply an uncertain but busy market.

World of Glass 2022 Report

Float producers overcome short-term hurdles as they plan for longer-term industry change.

Top 50 Glaziers 2022

Glazier sales stabilize as market instability remains.

2022 Top Glass Fabricators Report

Leading fabricator sales rebound, but supply chain conditions remain rocky.

2021 Top Metal Companies

Leading glass and metal companies innovate products and services in the face of an unpredictable economy and supply chain.

2024 Top 50 Glaziers

Leading glaziers achieve healthy sales, but costs continue to stymie growth for some.

2024 Top Glass Fabricators Report

Leading fabricators withstand the fallout from inflation and a changing economic landscape.

World of Glass 2023 Report

North American float glass manufacturers explore partnerships with solar panel producers and stay ahead of the curve with low-carbon products.

Mixed Economic Signals

There is little agreement among economists about what 2024 will hold. They are split over whether the overall economy will enter recession. They are split over labor market expectations. Over interest rate projections. Over the future of inflation. Construction economists are similarly split in…

2024 Forecast: Top 10 Takeaways

Highlights from the latest construction forecasts show that U.S. economic recovery slowly continues, shadowed by inflation and labor challenges, and geopolitical risk.

Industry Metrics to Watch

At Glass Magazine and its publisher, the National Glass Association, we regularly track a series of economic and industry trend data to better understand what’s on the horizon for glass companies. We look at macro-economic data points, including unemployment and GDP, right along with construction…

Beat Up Backlog

Each time an index comes out, I run through it and give you all some quick thoughts. Well now comes the latest Construction Backlog Report and that one, unfortunately, is connecting to my pessimism pretty well. This report has fallen three months in a row and is under water.

Dodge Momentum Index Recovers in February

Commerical and institutional planning increase following three months of decline.

Total Construction Increase in January

Total construction starts increased 4 percent in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $923.4 billion, according to Dodge Construction Network. Nonresidential building starts increased 4 percent.

World of Glass 2021 Report

Primary glass market faces continued supply challenges, while manufacturers push for better performance, improved efficiency.

Dynamic companies navigate a changed economy

Last year's report found Top 50 Glaziers toward the start of the pandemic, confronting new impacts on labor and the economy. A year on, short-term changes have become long-term adaptations, as businesses continually adjust to life and work with COVID-19. 

2021 Top Glass Fabricators Report | A New Reality

The challenging 2020 is over, but many hurdles remain in 2021. The Top Glass Fabricators report provides an important look at the state of glass fabrication in North America, identifying sales trends, market demands and headwinds the segment is facing.

World of Glass Special 2020 Report

Glass manufacturers adapt business strategies, development amid global uncertainty. World of Glass updates for global float glass locations.

5 Takeaways from the World of Glass

The float glass industry confronted manufacturing and supply chain issues along with the rest of the world of glass.

Architectural Billings Ends Year on Positive Note

Demand for design services in December increased for the third month in a row, according to a new report from the American Institute of Architects.

The World of Glass is Shifting

The global float glass industry continues to see a shift in market leaders, expansions and investments in emerging regions, and trends toward efficiency and sustainability in production and processes. In its 2020 World of Glass Annual Report, Glass Magazine identifies key updates in the market…

The World of Glass

The glass-making process starts with raw materials heated to 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit to produce molten glass. Pictured, the molten glass floats on a molten tin bath to become a flat ribbon. Photo courtesy of Guardian Industries.   The global float glass industry has undergone a dramatic…

Architectural Billings Index Rebounds in October

Business conditions showed signs of improvement at architecture firms in October, as the Architectural Billings Index score rebounded to 52.0, following flat or declining billings for most of the year so far.