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Glass Informational Bulletin

Fabricating Flat Glass Mirrors

Mirrors provide both functional and aesthetic performance in interior design for homes, office buildings, schools, medical and institutional facilities. In addition to the function of providing reflected images, mirrors are used to move natural light further into buildings and enhance the openness…

Glazing for Seismic Events

Engineers and architects follow code requirements for the structural performance of buildings in seismic zones. Glass and glazing can be designed as non-structural components installed in buildings in seismic-prone areas.

Designing with Cast and Heat-Formed Decorative Glass

The National Glass Association is an approved AIA Provider and, thanks to the involvement of its volunteer members, has nine approved industry-consensus presentations available. Members may use these presentations when contacting architects and other interested parties. More architect resources are…

Glass Can Do That

Glass is a multi-functional building product that meets performance, life-safety and aesthetic goals. See all that glass can do in this interactive chart.

Heat-Treated Glass Surfaces are Different

In this Glass Informational Bulletin, learn how heat-treated glass is a critical component of high-performance coated, insulating, laminated, spandrel, safety glazing, bullet-resistant, blast-resistant and hurricane-resistant fenestration products. As usage has increased in recent years, so has the…