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New Efficiencies to Cultivate Success

It’s critical to constantly assess all aspects of the operation to keep glazing businesses competitive and thriving.

A New Era Is Here

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings offer standardization, and cost-effectiveness, to construction. While the systems have had historical difficulty incorporating effective daylighting options, new solar illumination products offer the potential to ensure both sustainability and lower cost.

Strategies for Glass Curtain Wall Installations

Efficient installation can help glazing subcontractors pin “big ticket” costs and optimize the process.

NGA’s Newest Manual Announced at NGA Glass Conference in Tacoma

At the NGA Glass Conference: Tacoma, taking place July 25-July 27, NGA announced the addition of a new technical manual, the Frameless Shower Enclosure Design and Installation Manual, to its library of resources.

4 Ways to Improve Efficiency

Tight labor markets and strict timelines present numerous challenges to glaziers regarding providing superior quality and on-time installations. Here are four key areas where glaziers and their teams can improve efficiency and maintain high levels of excellence.

Heavy Glass Doors

Top considerations for safe and secure design and installation: an excerpt from the National Glass Association’s updated version of the Heavy Glass Door Design Manual (2021).

Curtain Wall Basics

Regardless of the installation methods used, curtain wall systems must address five primary design considerations: structural integrity, movement capability, weathertightness, energy efficiency and sound control.

The Benefits of Protective Glass Coatings

Glass has always been an ideal building solution owing to its broad applications, functionality, as well as the abundance of design options. Designing for durability, wellness, and ease of use places glass surface protection high on the list of value-add glass enhancements, satisfying the needs of…

NGA Resources for Glaziers & Installers

The National Glass Association Installing Committee volunteer members have developed numerous technical resources for glaziers, available for download in the NGA Store.

Protection for Glass During Construction

To minimize risk of damage and to ensure glass is intact for the final builders’ clean, it needs to be protected on the jobsite.

Manage Risks with Mockups

Test performance, identify design concerns and align expectations before construction begins.

Glazier jobsite photos

Glaziers tackle incredible challenges with a remarkable building material, sometimes at extraordinary heights. We asked glaziers to submit jobsite photos and selfies to be included on this wall, and they responded with amazing work!

Why Glazing? Two Glaziers Give Their Reasons

October is Careers in Construction Month, an initiative designed to increase public awareness of construction careers. To spotlight glass industry professionals, NGA staff spoke with two glaziers about what they love about the job. Here’s what they said.

Workforce Development: New Hire Toolkit

New hires who know the rules, expectations, and opportunities at your company are more likely to become successful team members. To help in the onboarding process, NGA’s New Hire Toolkit contains resources you need to set your new employees up for success. 

Glaziers, Send Us Your Jobsite Selfies

Glaziers, you see the most amazing things on the jobsite. You tackle incredible challenges with a remarkable building material, sometimes at extraordinary heights. Show off your work in Glass Magazine!

Steps to Success with Large Glass

3 ways for glaziers to prepare for the jumbo glazing trend

How to Ensure a Quality Install

The documentary, “The Quest for Quality: A Certified Solution,” investigates how standards of quality can be defined for glass installation and how the glass industry supply chain can work to anticipate conflicts and challenges.

Inside the Install: Solo Hinged Tub Screen

Inside the Install provides installation tips, helpful how-tos and in-the-field demonstrations from a range of projects. To contribute or provide feedback, write to Editor-in-Chief Katy Devlin at

Challenging Installs

3 installation case studies show what advanced glass lifting and handling equipment can do.

Mock-Up Testing

Verify the performance of the design and the installation method of fenestration systems before costly and time-consuming problems surface. Tests conducted on mockups of representative sections are often the best approach to validating finished performance.

Project Management: Keys to Clarifying a Critical Role

Project management is many things. The term project management is a broad category. It can be defined and manifested in many ways. There are key aspects and processes to the role of project management that need to be executed in order to achieve success. Project management in one company differs…

The Great Debate – Framed or Frameless Showers

Within the shower enclosure world there is a constant debate on what is truly a frameless enclosure. It’s interesting that industry professionals would have different opinions about what is and isn’t frameless.

Curtain Wall Design Loads

Butler Plaza, a Gold LEED building in Jacksonville, Florida, is an innovative example of a curtain wall used in an energy efficient design. Photo by Keymark. Key Curtain Wall Design Loads to Consider More information AAMA 508-14, Voluntary Test Method and Specification for Pressure Equalized…

The Decision-making Supply Chain

The quality level of all manufactured goods assembled and delivered in the curtain wall supply chain flow downhill from design and engineering decision-making, whether good or bad. The assembled system of products that is a “curtain wall system” applied uniquely to each building type and layout is…

Introduction to Estimating

For a contract glazing firm, a bid estimate can make or break a project. An estimate that is too high can cost a bidder the job, while one that is too low or omits elements of a job can cut into margins and affect overall company profitability.  “If a project is underbid, all subcontractors, not…

The Professional Services Perspective: Thermal Performance

The building industry is shifting in its demands for thermal performance and thermal analysis on wall systems. More projects require thermal analysis, factors such as dew point and edge-of-glass U-values have become more important, and collaboration across the project team is on the rise. In this…

Frameless vs. Framed

A framed interior glass office enclosure, Dorma’s Interior Pure Enclose Office Front with a wood door. The rising costs of renting and maintaining office space, the decreased need for room to store paper files and documents, a surge of telecommuting opportunities, and other technological and…

The Art of Measuring, Fabricating and Installing Storefront

CRL-U.S. Aluminum IT451 thermal storefront system with Series 400-T thermal entrance doors. Photo by Derek Lepper. Storefront systems can drastically enhance commercial and retail environments by improving brand identity and visibility for various types of businesses. They provide architects…

Tips of the Trade: How to Choose the Right Door Closer

Choosing the right door closer for your project is an important task, but it doesn’t have to be an intimidating one. There are many manufacturers and product options in the door closer market, and you must carefully select the best closer that fits the entrance, adequately controls the door, and…

Putting up curtain walls

The installation of a curtain wall system begins long before the glazier ever gets to the job site. The general contractor has selected your company to install the wall. The arrangements have been made for the materials to be delivered to the job site and the wall components have been shipped.…

Curtain-wall designs

Second in a series Glass-and-metal curtain walls can provide an attractive, durable and cost-effective cladding solution, but in many buildings, these wall systems are plagued with problems ranging from air and water leakage to falling trim covers. The first article on page 82 of April Glass…

Window walls provide alternative to curtain walls

As major urban centers continue to attract young professionals and aging baby boomers who wish to experience the culture, dining and theater that major cities provide, accommodating living needs has become paramount with designers and developers. The trend in the mid- to high-rise new construction…