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Workforce Development: New Hire Toolkit

Downloadable resources

New hires who know the rules, expectations, and opportunities at your company are more likely to become successful team members. To help in the onboarding process, NGA’s New Hire Toolkit contains guidelines, articles, and checklists surrounding orientation, paperwork, safety training, reviews, skills training, and mentoring and career development to set your new employees up for success. 

Paperwork Templates

Click the links below to download resources for onboarding and training new employees. All resources are adaptable to specific company needs. 

Online Courses

Intro to the Glass and Glazing Trade Course Bundle

  • History of Glass 
  • The Float Glass Manufacturing Process 
  • Interpreting Common Documents
  • Introduction to Glazing Practices 
  • Glass and Metals 101 
  • Basics of Architectural Aluminum 
  • Basics of Sealants 
  • Basics of Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) 
  • Basics of Storefronts and Entrances 
  • Basics of Curtain Wall 
  • Glazing Math Essentials

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Workforce Development Series

Glass Magazine has been covering the labor shortage and providing insights and resources to help industry companies since mid-2013. For more on this topic, see our series of Workforce Development articles.

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