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Deals, Awards, Entrepreneurs and More

This is another week where there’s no lead story, but a bunch of smaller ones to comment on or catch up with. Including two stories I completely missed along with a bunch of other relevant items, including FeneTech's acquisition.

By Max Perilstein | October 31, 2021

What Can Help with Labor and Supply Challenges?

What’s keeping the glass industry up at night? Exhibitors, attendees and speakers at GlassBuild America all pointed to two major challenges: the ongoing labor shortage and pandemic-related supply chain constraints.

Top Takeaways, from a GPAD First-timer

I attended my first GPAD, or Glass Processing Automation Days, in 2019 in San Antonio. At the time, I was not only a newcomer to the event, but also a relative newcomer to the industry. Looking back, here are my top takeaways.

Creating a Warranty Statement that Covers the Bases

The recent conversation around the shower door community has been about warranties. Providing customers with information about which things are covered under a warranty and which things are not is obviously important. Some shops don’t bother to provide a written warranty, but many do.

My tendency is to explain to my customers that hardware typically comes with a three-year warranty and that I offer a one-year guarantee on work.

By Chris Phillips | October 25, 2021

Future Still Looking Positive

Through all of the crazy and frustrating challenges we are facing, the one good index that has been on a roll, continued that this week with the latest Architectural Billings Index. The latest ABI came in at a stunning score of 56.6 which is up from 55.6 last month (remember over 50 is positive) and now rates as what I believe is the second highest score ever. 

October 25, 2021

Why Glazing? Two Glaziers Give Their Reasons

October is Careers in Construction Month, an initiative designed to increase public awareness of construction careers. To spotlight glass industry professionals, NGA staff spoke with two glaziers about what they love about the job. Here’s what they said.

Finally Getting It

I chuckle sometimes on how far ahead all of us are in this industry versus most of the world. Case in point: the supply chain. We all have been intimately involved in the massive supply challenges as it pertains to our industry for many months now, also while noticing the rest of the world is a mess, too. Well, comically, in the last two weeks it seems like the focus in the media and government have finally turned their attention over to supply chain. 

By Max Perilstein | October 18, 2021

Are We Getting What We Pay For?

Today it feels like the only way to find people is through money and total compensation. How can we offer new hires substantially more than longstanding employees and expect not to sour feelings? How does your company address the necessity of financial compensation in the current labor market without making it everything, when we can’t keep feeding this monster?

By Pete de Gorter | October 15, 2021

Is It Time to Welcome in Change?

Since COVID appeared on the world stage in late 2019, we have seen change, human innovation, and imagination propel the world forward. What could really happen when you welcome change into your organization?

By Chris Kammer | October 11, 2021

New Pod, Jobsites, Careers, and the "Deathstar"

You are seeing it quite a bit online, and in the trades, but this month is Careers in Construction Month. I think all of us pushing this is more crucial than ever. We have all seen that it’s gotten even harder to attract folks to our awesome world, so time for those of us in it to step up and help this cause.

By Max Perilstein | October 11, 2021