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Can’t We All Get Along?

I’ve written about many things covering our industry over the years; our successes, our challenges and even our failures.  Today, let’s talk about something that affects the industry, and our lives in general.  We’re not exactly going political here, (I don’t have the same confidence as Keith Daubmann to take on that kind of challenge) but I want to talk about how we’re using social media. 

By Pete de Gorter | July 28, 2022

Applying Color to Glass: Ceramic Frit

For wall cladding, spandrel glazing and more, ceramic frit and silicone coatings are two ways to apply color onto glass. Offering a broad array of colors, high-quality ingredients, and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), both ceramic frit and silicone coatings are go-to glass decoration technologies.

Absorbing An Adventurous Week

I feel like this blog is like the old episodes of Sesame Street that were brought to you by a letter, so this week, it’s brought to you by the letter A, as a bunch of subjects I have started with that letter so may as well be creative.

By Max Perilstein | July 26, 2022

Grappling with Rising Glass Costs

Summer 2022 has brought high temperatures right alongside higher prices for everything from gas to groceries, and yes, to glass. How has the industry responded? 

By Katy Devlin | July 19, 2022

Rising Glass Costs…Are They a Bad Thing?

Unless you have been completely off the grid for the past month or so, you are painfully aware of the recent increases in the cost of glass. Everyone finds it stressful, but it may also provide an opportunity to reconsider pricing structures and specializing your business.

By Chris Phillips | July 18, 2022


We often only see the effects of an issue—the real problem is what we do in reaction. We can point fingers at supply chain disruptions and other global challenges, but this doesn’t get us closer to a solution. This moment is critical in both business and personal settings.

By David Vermeulen | July 18, 2022

Questions Abound

The latest Dodge Momentum Index was up again. It is now at its highest point in 14 years. While that is exciting, it is also a bit of a mirage. There are still some dry pockets out there now, and in various backlogs, so it once again has me questioning these indexes. I’ll take the positivity, you know me, I live for it, but the reality is surely singing a slightly different tune.

By Max Perilstein | July 18, 2022

Innovation Increases the Likelihood of Success

Innovation will continue to disrupt our industry, so why not lead and take share from your competition before they disrupt your business?

By Chris Kammer | July 11, 2022

Overhead garage doors provide natural connection

Blending modern technology, durable materials and natural aesthetics, overhead aluminum garage doors with textured wood grain finishes present an appealing combination.

By Tammy Schroeder | July 11, 2022

Power Players

A new podcast is now posted with two tremendous guys from fantastic companies.  

By Max Perilstein | July 11, 2022