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Your 2024 Social Media Farmers’ Almanac

Research confirms that even more people are using social media than ever before. As we move into 2024, it's important to understand how platforms and user behavior is shifting so you can best present your product and brand presence online. 

By Sara Barchak | December 14, 2023

Who's Next?

And down the stretch we come…This is the next to last scheduled post of the year!  A few items to cover this week. We’ll kick it off with a look back at my past Industry MVP’s and Runners Up as the 2023 edition will be unveiled next week. I created this program in 2013 to recognize folks and companies that go above and beyond to support our industry.

By Max Perilstein | December 11, 2023

Check the spec to ensure anodize finishes deliver durability

Anodize finishes for aluminum can offer durability and hardness that is similar to a diamond. To use them effectively, understand the specifications and the difference between anodize and other coatings.

Industry Leaders Talk Mega Trends

What's ahead for the glass industry? "Industry Trends to Watch," a panel kicking off GlassBuild 2023, welcomed four leaders from all parts of the industry to discuss labor, the advent of AI, and other major trends to be aware of.

Industry Leaders Discuss the Business of DEIB

Industry experts, hosted by NGA Operations Manager Alicia Hamilton, explored diversity, inclusion and what it means for business, in the keynote panel “Building Better Business through DEIB,” presented on the GlassBuild Main Stage. The conversation looked at what that belonging can look like for employees, and what companies can do to create a welcoming environment.

"Taylor" Made

The latest From the Fabricator podcast is out and it is truly “Taylor” made for the industry. Yes, I know the term is “tailor” made, but this episode features two awesome Taylors; Trey Taylor of BEES Inc. and Henry Taylor of Kawneer.  

By Max Perilstein | December 04, 2023

Navigating Bird-Friendly Legislation

As part of its Thirsty Thursday webinar series, National Glass Association code consultant Nick Resetar, Roetzel & Andress, shared updates on existing American and Canadian legislation and ordinances to help navigate the rules around bird-friendly glazing during his “Navigate Legislation for Bird-friendly Glazing” presentation.

Get Automated

I could start this post with a look at the ABI, but we’re all coming off the high of the holiday in the US, so I won’t get to that stomach churning news just yet. Let’s talk something that is never an issue out there and always easy to find. Labor. LOL. I know this continues to be the challenge but this past week I ran into a statement on labor that really hit me. The line was “Labor productivity is worse than labor availability.” Wow.

By Max Perilstein | November 27, 2023

A Recession is Coming. Top 5 Factors to Watch.

The overall U.S. economy will most likely enter recession in the coming months, with nonresidential construction beginning to feel the effects in late 2024, says Connor Lokar, senior forecaster, ITR Economics, who returned to the Glazing Executives Forum at GlassBuild America to deliver the event’s popular annual economic forecast keynote presentation. 

New Pod, Tough Econ News & Best Holiday of the Year

The latest From the Fabricator podcast is up with insight and info from all parts of our world. Kicking it off is long time manufacturers reps, Dan and Nico Pompeo of Architectural Glazing Solutions.

By Max Perilstein | November 13, 2023