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Mask or Not, the Show Must Go On!

Every day we are closer and closer to normal, at least a new form of normal. Masks are going down everywhere and with that Show Season is about to be in full swing. Let’s get pumped to get “Back to Business. Back to GlassBuild.”! Given my personal experience last month, and knowing how the NGA truly cares for our safety (without us, there is no NGA), I’m confident anything learned from last event will be used to improve our next experience.

By Pete de Gorter | June 14, 2021

June Bloom

June brings the annual start to Hurricane Season. For the next few months, we’ll be on high alert with regards to storms moving into the east coast or up through the Gulf. The glass and glazing industry has truly made a major impact, no pun intended, on this space.

By Max Perilstein | June 07, 2021

Yes on the Future, Meh on the Current

The ABI's immediate analysis pointed to pent up demand and to retrofit. I have been hammering the retrofit side for a while as a huge growth area, and it’s great to see the experts agree. The only bad news here is this is future-based, so we’ll get to enjoy this run later this year and into next, but right now for the areas that are soft―and there’s a bunch―this doesn’t help.

By Max Perilstein | June 01, 2021

Condensation and Cladding Attachments

The more moisture that’s present in the air infiltrating a wall system by thermal bridging, the more condensation occurs. If moisture accumulates as result of the condensation, it can negatively affect other materials inside the wall cavity.

By William Green | May 26, 2021

The Road Back Begins

The road to being “back” took a major step forward this past week in San Antonio, Texas, at the TEXpo event there. The organizers and the incredible Texas Glass Association did a wonderful job with the setup and layout, and it was great to be back on a show floor again!

By Max Perilstein | May 24, 2021

Imagine the Glass Industry Employee of the Future

As we all know, many have been forced to stay home over the past year due to government mandates and fears of spreading disease. The crisis has continued long enough to result in a change in the work habits of many. The combination of subsidies and psychological paralysis has led to many choosing not to return to work as of yet.

By Chris Phillips | May 19, 2021

New Pod, Great People and Products

The news came down this week that 2022 will be the International Year of Glass! That is tremendous stuff, and should only be good for all of us going forward. I expect a lot more details to come, but as the great leader of this effort, Alicia Duran, noted in her announcement of this happening, “Welcome to the Age of Glass.” 

By Max Perilstein | May 17, 2021

Sharpen Your Skillset

Are we reaching customers in the most effective way within the new hybrid workforce? Are we adjusting our supply chain to address challenging shipping logistics? How are we adjusting to inflation and cost increases?

By David Vermeulen | May 12, 2021

Safety Always Wins

We just completed Construction Safety Week, and what was nice was the push for that extra training needed to keep our teams safe in the shop and in the field. While I talk about labor here a ton, I don’t talk enough about the importance of the safety of those who are already working with us. We shouldn’t be cutting corners on safety (or the education and training of it) and really, in fact, should be going all in.

By Max Perilstein | May 10, 2021

Wood Without the Work

When your project calls for the natural beauty of wood, but needs the high-performance longevity of aluminum, wood grain finishes can provide the best of both. Textured wood grain finish options mimic not just the look, but also the feel of natural wood.

By Tammy Schroeder | May 06, 2021