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Tammy Schroeder

Tammy Schroeder

Tammy Schroeder, LEED Green Associate, is the director of marketing for Linetec, Tubelite and Alumicor brands. With more than 20 years of experience in the finishing industry, she serves as an industry educator on high-quality, high-performance architectural products, finishing and services. She can be reached at

Fabricators can find added value with single-source finishing partners

Companies that manufacture systems with aluminum-framed fenestration know they can rely on finishing partners for finishes. But those partners can also offer production benefits including higher thermal performance and even product storage.

Considering Fenestration Finishes

Design-driven, high-performance paint and coating solutions for aluminum architectural products.

“Upward,” “Limitless” and “Sweet Embrace” offer optimistic outlook for 2024 finishing trends

Color palettes for coatings and finishes are trending towards “cozy” vibes in 2024, with warmer, less saturated colors. Get a forecast of the most popular colors, and their palette collections.

Check the spec to ensure anodize finishes deliver durability

Anodize finishes for aluminum can offer durability and hardness that is similar to a diamond. To use them effectively, understand the specifications and the difference between anodize and other coatings.

Shifting paradigms with parking structure designs

Representing a $131 billion dollar industry, parking garage construction is a significant segment of the building market. Garage facade construction can be dynamic, and can include a range of finished architectural aluminum products.

Legacy looks or future focused? All are possible with high performance finishes

Architectural finishes are versatile, and can help designers match historic looks or more modern aesthetics. Both can offer durable quality, if suppliers and manufacturers know what to look for.

What to know about finished flat sheet aluminum: high quality, high performance and available

Perimeter trim surrounding windows is often formed from flat sheets of aluminum. Here is some advice on choosing the right manufacturer, avoiding pitfalls (like rack marks on anodize) and getting product for accelerated delivery in small quantities.

Mindful considerations for mica and metallic coatings

Metallic and mica coatings offer a striking, shining appearance to finished aluminum products. To get the look you want, it's important to know what both coatings offer, how you can ensure optimal appearance and match the colors you need.

Architectural Color Trends Go Simple for 2023

Architectural coating suppliers released color palettes taking inspiration from nature. Palettes include natural greens, cheerful accents and a range of neutrals.

What You Need to Know About Corrosion and Aluminum

Warranties for architectural aluminum products will mention factors related to the finish, but not the potential for the metal to corrode. It's important to understand how aluminum can corrode, how to prevent it, and what to think about when selecting a finish.

Count on the Code to Confirm the Correct Color

Color has enormous importance in design. Make sure you're ordering the right color finish, paint, or other material. 

A toast to champagne and light-tone anodize finishes

When we talk about anodized aluminum framing for curtainwall, storefronts, windows, doors and skylights, most people imagine a clear anodize that highlights the natural metallic appearance. A few may think of trending black and dark bronze tones, or the unique rich copper and earthy bordeaux colors…

Overhead garage doors provide natural connection

Blending modern technology, durable materials and natural aesthetics, overhead aluminum garage doors with textured wood grain finishes present an appealing combination.

Stand out or blend in? The choice is yours with spattercoat finishes

Whether you opt for bold or subtle designs, spattercoat paint finishes are ideal for metal wall panel cladding systems, as well as for aluminum window frames, doors, coping, soffits and decorative interior accents.

Restoring life and value with on-site repair of finished aluminum

Economists and commercial developers like to say that taking care of the assets you have, generally, will provide the greatest return on investment. Historic preservationists and environmental experts will add that the most sustainable property is the one that isn’t built. Coupling these reminders…

Don’t forget the frame

Today’s commercial curtain wall, storefront and other fenestration systems can help protect us from extreme temperatures and conserve natural resources. While high-performance glass often is the first component we see, it’s essential to remember the role of the frame itself.

Natural Metallic Tones Find Appeal

While the attractive appearance of natural metal is always on point, it seems building owners and architects have an increased interest in specifying metallic tones. Many are selecting finishes that accentuate the metal framing of windows, skylights, curtain wall, storefronts and entrances.

Curves Ahead

For today’s commercial buildings, arched aluminum extrusion profiles bring inspired concepts to reality, and a durable, attractive finish completes the desired aesthetic. But what should you consider when your project calls for curves?

Wood Without the Work

When your project calls for the natural beauty of wood, but needs the high-performance longevity of aluminum, wood grain finishes can provide the best of both. Textured wood grain finish options mimic not just the look, but also the feel of natural wood.

How Antimicrobial Coatings Protect Surfaces

As we prepare to safely return to work, building owners and facility managers are striving to demonstrate that their properties exhibit a clean, neat appearance. High-visibility, high-touch finished surfaces are under close scrutiny. These include such architectural aluminum products as windows and…

Begin with the Finish

5 Resilient finishing trends in architectural aluminum products