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Who Wants to Laugh?

I think we can all agree the pandemic issues are still out there, whether it is a shortage of people to work, material delays, rising costs or handful of other things. It sure can make going to work tough and it can mentally and physically drain you. So that’s why you need to find solutions. One of them is to laugh

By Tom O'Malley | August 19, 2022

An Industry of “First Responders”

The glass industry has an opportunity to become a new type of “first responder” by providing security products that protect children, teachers and staff against school shooters.

Beat Up Backlog

Each time an index comes out, I run through it and give you all some quick thoughts. Well now comes the latest Construction Backlog Report and that one, unfortunately, is connecting to my pessimism pretty well. This report has fallen three months in a row and is under water.

4 Tips For Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

With summer in full swing, extreme heat is sweeping across the nation. High temperatures can be harmful, and at times potentially lethal, for those who work in the field, like installers. There are ways that those who work outside can keep themselves safe during these warmer months.

By Rachel Vitello | August 12, 2022

3 Steps to Making Purchases

Finding products is easy, finding the right solution is not. With the major glass shows right around the corner, let’s talk about how to find the right solutions for you. Follow 3 simple points and you’ll be sure your next purchase is one you won’t regret.

By Pete de Gorter | August 12, 2022

A toast to champagne and light-tone anodize finishes

When we talk about anodized aluminum framing for curtainwall, storefronts, windows, doors and skylights, most people imagine a clear anodize that highlights the natural metallic appearance. A few may think of trending black and dark bronze tones, or the unique rich copper and earthy bordeaux colors. But what about lighter tones?

Latest Pod, On Location

A fun new podcast is now live. I went on location in Missouri and spent time at the amazing Quaker Windows facilities.

By Max Perilstein | August 08, 2022

Big Notes From The Road

I have been on the road now for two solid weeks and it’s been great to see people in their natural habitats again and really get out and learn. The feedback was pretty interesting overall and I wanted to share some quick takeaways.

By Max Perilstein | August 01, 2022

Showing What’s Possible

Mother-daughter glazing team Casey Weir and Anna Wright talk with Andrew Haring about their experiences in the industry, the need to bring more women into glazing, and more. 

Applying Color to Glass: Silicone Coatings

Last week, we discussed the design flexibility of using ceramic frit to apply color to glass. This week, we will look at the versatility of silicone coatings, and how they compare and contrast to ceramic frit.