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Glass Cast Episode 3

Taylor Anderson talks about the skilled labor shortage and the comprehensive onboarding process at her company, Anderson Aluminum as part of the BEC Conference panel, Generational and Mentorship Gaps.

Podcast on Both Coasts

My new podcast is up, and I speak with Ashley Klein of AK Glazing as well as Evan Afenir of Double Play Glass, two glass industry up-and-comers that are the future of our space. We talked about how they're navigating this current market and more.

By Max Perilstein | July 31, 2023

As Technology Rises, Does Our Happiness Fall?

Technology has provided countless benefits, but concerns about its impact on our health are growing. Oversaturation can lead to stress and an inability to unplug, which is unhelpful for work and for life.

Glass Cast Episode 2

This episode features Joey Aragon, director of operations, Aragon Construction Inc., discussing how his company established and refined a mentorship program.

Invisible Protection: Hardening Entrances with Multifunctional, Fire-Rated Glass

Entrances are increasingly being asked to defend against several life safety threats, especially in schools. When selecting systems, multifunctional systems can help to balance functionality and aesthetics while protecting occupants.

By Devin Bowman | July 25, 2023

Get ahead of the competition by mining your data

In the second part of this blog series, we’ll look at how companies can expand the data collection they already do to add deeper analysis and get feedback that can lead to better productivity.

By Chris Kammer | July 25, 2023

Forecast Focus

It's a big week in the forecasting side of things with the latest Architectural Billings Index (ABI) and the release of the mid-year AIA Consensus Forecast. First on the ABI, things held in the positive territory, barely, but still, we’ll take it versus it being negative. Good news also in that design contracts ticked up and design inquiries held strong. So we have some decent metrics in front of us there.  

By Max Perilstein | July 24, 2023

Repurposing Unwanted Glass

Without a national glass recycling infrastructure, Repurposed Materials Inc. offers an opportunity to reuse and repurpose architectural glass.

July 21, 2023

Why Data-mining your own company can help your business

All organizations generate a large amount of data. Data analytics allow those businesses to compile and review that information in order to improve processes and make better business decisions.

By Chris Kammer | July 17, 2023

The Office Part 2

Last week I talked about the glimmering hope on the return to office area and the positivity there and I noted I’d have more on that this week. For that it was an article in Wall Street Journal that talked about the effect that the lack of return to office is having on so many people, including our space. The article gave some good data on the trends and forecasting via Dodge which gave some upbeat answers to this on-going issue.

By Max Perilstein | July 17, 2023