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5 takeaways from the FGIA Hybrid Annual Conference in Florida

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance Hybrid Annual Conference Feb. 28-March 3 in Amelia Island, Florida, was a jam-packed week of education, networking and a healthy dose of vitamin D from the Florida sunshine.

Little clip, big impact

Buildings’ energy usage was impacted significantly during the pandemic. Studies have shown that the energy consumption in commercial buildings decreased as many adjusted to the work-from-home approach. Building owners with fewer tenants and occupants may assume that energy use and costs also will remain low, so there’s no need to invest in thermally efficient building envelopes. But, they would be mistaken.

The Pains of Labor

In all of the scary things happening right now, the one that brings the most worry but probably gets the least overall attention is our shortage on the workforce. We are battling so many things, but if we don’t have folks to make and install the material, nothing else matters.

By Max Perilstein | March 14, 2022

Grand Hyatt Nashville

The glass-clad 25-story Grand Hyatt Nashville, completed in 2020, will serve as host hotel for the National Glass Association’s 2022 Building Envelope Contractors Conference and Glass Processing Automation Days, March 27-30.

March 11, 2022

Relearning Best Practices in a Changed Landscape

According to NPR reporting, one million fewer students are in college than before the pandemic began. How has the education landscape shifted, and how will this trend impact students’ futures? Either way, how are we thinking, evaluating and taking action to support the current and future work needs of students?

Women in the Fenestration Industry

When I joined the National Fenestration Rating Council as document coordinator in 2009, it was my first job in the building environment. And, of course, when I attended my first NFRC meeting, it was hard to miss the demographic make-up of attendees—a lot of men. There may be some positive news, though, as I have observed more women becoming NFRC Certified Simulators, with approximately 50 women in the group—26 percent—of simulators.

Well that was a Big week

That was a busy week, eh? Not every day the week starts with a $3.4 billion-dollar-deal and it will be very interesting to see how things progress there.

By Max Perilstein | March 07, 2022

4 Ways to Futureproof Your Fabrication Business at GPAD

It’s almost time to pack your best practices and your bags for the return of Glass Processing Automation Days, or GPAD, set to kick off Tuesday, March 29 in Nashville at Grand Hyatt Nashville. The conference, hosted by the National Glass Association, will draw leaders in glass fabrication, technology, machinery and more for education, tabletop displays, plenty of networking, and solutions for the future.

The Indicators I’m Tracking

I’m neither an economist nor a forecaster. However, there are a few key market indicators I’ve been tracking in recent months in an effort to see though the cloudy forecasts of leading construction economists.  

By Katy Devlin | February 28, 2022

Building Capacity: A conversation with Glas-Pro

Joe Green, president of Glas-Pro, talks about workforce development, product innovation, and how building trends might be changing.