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Keep in Touch During the COVID-19 Crisis, from Max Perilstein

During tough times, it's critical to keep in touch with your networks, says Max Perilstein of Sole Source Consulting. Share resources, experiences and more.

By Max Perilstein | March 26, 2020

Education, information and safety during COVID-19, from Brian Hale

Brian Hale of Hale Glass in Southern California offers a glazier's perspective on the state of construction and business during COVID-19.

Navigating Uncertainty

In the glass industry, we are directly tied to infrastructural spending and investment which means that if people are nervous about the future, they keep their cash close and hunker down to weather whatever comes their way. Fortunately, this has been far from the case over the past decade with most of the largest growth in global glass happening here in the United States, from the country that saw some of the biggest losses globally just years prior. 

By Gareth Francey | March 23, 2020

Watching Other Items

On March 18, the latest Architectural Billings Index was released.The latest report is for February and it was compiled before things turned upside-down. The index came in with an excellent score of 53.4. 

By Max Perilstein | March 23, 2020

Bringing Calm to Customers during COVID-19, from Chris Phillips

Glass installers who are working in customers’ homes during the coronavirus outbreak have an opportunity to bring a sense of calm through professionalism and quality workmanship, says Chris Phillips of Showcase Shower Door.

Motivating Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis, From Dustin Anderson

How can glass companies keep employees motivated and engaged in the face of the coronavirus outbreak? Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass in Waco, Texas, offers his #glazier perspective.

Industry Perspective: How can glass companies pivot during the time of coronavirus? From Dustin Anderson

When the phones stop ringing due to coronavirus, what can companies do to pivot and diversify? Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass in Waco, Texas, offers a glazier perspective on finding new business during the crisis.

Industry Perspective: The Business Impact of Coronavirus, from Dustin Anderson

Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass in Waco, Texas, offers a glazier perspective on the business impacts of the current coronavirus health and economic crisis. Anderson will be posting regular videos discussing the impact of coronavirus on business and sharing ideas about how companies can best respond to health, safety and business challenges.