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Introducing a New Name in Float Glass

It’s not often the North American float glass industry welcomes a new plant, let alone an entirely new company, to the market. Learn more about Canadian Premium Sand's plans to start a float plant outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

By Katy Devlin | April 23, 2021

The Inspiration Created by Collaboration

I started out as an apprentice in Las Vegas, during the mid-80s. The various journeyman glaziers I worked with had different ideas about how much they wanted to contribute to my education, and it soon became obvious that some were happy to teach me about the craft, while others saw a new hire as a threat to their own livelihood.

By Chris Phillips | April 21, 2021

Want energy savings? Don’t forget the cladding attachments

Most of us in the glazing industry understand that to meet model energy codes’ increasingly stringent requirements and to achieve their intended energy savings, we need buildings with high-performance fenestration and façade systems. Focusing on the glass, we sometimes overlook the importance that wall cladding and connecting elements play in attaining high thermal performance.

By William Green | April 21, 2021

Continued Delays Impact More than Time

Delay after delay after delay. We’re paying more for worse service and it feels like there’s not much to do about it. Simply stated, delays are an opportunity you can’t fill immediately. How do we handle a delay with increased costs when we’re fixed on price?

By Pete de Gorter | April 19, 2021

Forecasts, Podcasts, and More

The next release of the Architectural Billings Index comes out Wednesday. There is a ton of anticipation for this one given how great the last report was. I’m going in with the attitude of hope for the best but expect the worst. I don’t think there’s any way the March results will beat February, but once again I’ll be thrilled to be wrong. No matter what, I’ll have it here next week to comment on.

By Max Perilstein | April 19, 2021

5 Common Challenges with Entry Door Installation (and How to Avoid Them)

When you’re at the jobsite and ready to install your aluminum framed entrance systems, you want everything to go smoothly and quickly for an exact fit, followed by many years of dependable use. To make sure your entry-door install goes well, here are five common mistakes glass industry professionals should avoid.

By Mary Avery | April 12, 2021

Labor Pains

The challenge of finding labor is now the biggest it has ever been, and is not getting easier. As the economy starts to come back and companies of all types are returning to “normal” business, there is a shortage of willing people to work.

By Max Perilstein | April 12, 2021

What’s Driving Specification 2.0?

A while back I wrote a post about the building industry’s million-dollar question: “How do you get spec’d by an architect?” But it’s not the only question driving specs, and it’s not the only one worth evaluating. Two equally important questions to add to the specification conversation are: What do owners want? And what do building codes require?

By David Vermeulen | April 06, 2021

Big Company Moves

We heard the news of the assets from Columbia Commercial Building Products being divvyed up between two companies, with the window system going to Arcadia and the architectural aluminum to FHC. Nice moves for both of those companies, especially with regards to expanding their products lines. Again, with how crazy our world is, diversifying what you do is not a bad play right now.

By Max Perilstein | April 05, 2021

Pushing the Boundaries of Glass

The part of project consultations that I enjoy most is meeting people. I also love the challenge of seeing the project through their eyes, and then helping them to develop it. There is an opportunity to make their idea a reality, and as an innovator, that appeals to me.

By Chris Phillips | March 29, 2021