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Promoting Biophilic Design Strategies with Glass

Proven to boost employee satisfaction and performance, concentration levels and healing, biophilic design trends are gaining traction. Ushering in the wonderful benefits of natural light and promoting views to the outdoors, windows, curtain wall, storefronts, glass partitions, skylights and glass doors are key. But there’s more to it.

One More Month

One month. That is it. One month away until we meet in Nashville for BEC and GPAD. These two tremendous conferences will get 2022 kicked into full gear and I am seriously stoked. Take a look at BEC  and GPAD and if you have any questions or curiosities on the events, hit me up!

By Max Perilstein | February 27, 2022

Topping Off

I teased it on the post last week that this time out, I would talk about something I got to do for the very first time while on a tour of Florida with NGA’s iconic #glassnerd Andrew Haring. We were invited to a “topping off” or “topping out” celebration by the great Ashley Klein of AK Glazing. I had never been to one of these and really had not known what it was about.

By Max Perilstein | February 20, 2022

Podcast, Travel and Super Jobs

I had the great fortune of traveling through Florida this week with the ultimate #GlassNerd and legend Andrew Haring of the National Glass Association. A few quick hits here, and then a special rundown about a first experience ever for me on next week’s blog.

By Max Perilstein | February 14, 2022

Quick Takes

Everyone staying warm? What a run over the last few weeks, that even folks in Florida saw some crazy temps. Anyway, things will be heating up soon with a lot going on in our industry on tap. This week’s post is a quick hitter style with some catch up items leading the way.

By Max Perilstein | February 07, 2022

Plan It Now

Have you registered for BEC and GPAD yet? Those of you who have attended these conferences know the value and I assume you’ll be signing on soon. But let’s say you have not attended, and have no idea what the fuss is about; let me take you through it.

By Max Perilstein | January 31, 2022

How to Choose the Right Software System for Your Company: Part 3

Today we’ll cover the final two steps in the software buying process. If you’ve missed anything or need a refresher, please refer to Part 1 and Part II of this blog series.

2022 Prediction Time

After a one-week delay, my fearless predictions for 2022 are here. They range from forecasts about glass dominance as a building material, trends in IG units, and some ideas about our economic landscape. Let's go!

By Max Perilstein | January 24, 2022

Pod, Rumors, Projects, Dogs and More

One of the big items people are talking about … the buzz surrounding a potential deal for Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope. And that buzz is growing big time.

January 16, 2022

Two Education Sessions You Shouldn’t MIss at Glass Conference: Long Beach

The National Glass Association’s Glass Conference, to be held Jan. 24-26 in Long Beach, California, at the Renaissance, Long Beach will feature a few rounds of golf, great networking opportunities, and of course, invaluable informational and educational sessions.