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A Newcomer’s Journey through the Glass Industry

Glass Magazine's new senior media sales consultant, Holly Robinson, visited glass and glazing companies in California and Nevada. Check out updates from Pulp Studio, FHC, Panda Windows and Doors, and more. 

By Holly Robinson | July 10, 2024

Glass Cast Season 2 Episode 2

Next-Level Employee Engagement, with Tom Jackson of Steel Encounters.

July 08, 2024

Some Good, Some Bad, Some Ugly

I hope everyone had a good holiday run and we’re back at it. So, the best way to get moving is with a new episode of the From the Fabricator podcast. This time out, two pretty fascinating people that bring some exciting approaches to our space. Starting out with Jason Douglas of HB Fuller. Super sharp guy, his path and skill usage are very cool and his takes on what is going on in our world were strong. Plus, the main product we discussed from HB Fuller has really taken off and become a big part of the insulating glass unit conversation.

By Max Perilstein | July 08, 2024

A World of Innovation, on Display in Germany

An interview with Lars Wismer, director of glasstec.

Balancing daylight and safety for patients in specialty health care facilities

The ASHE and Health Facilities Management 2024 Hospital Construction Survey reveals that nearly half of upcoming specialty hospital projects will focus on behavioral health centers or psychiatric hospitals. These facilities prioritize safety and healing, utilizing natural light and outdoor access to enhance mental health recovery. Window selection is crucial in such environments, with considerations for resistance against escape attempts, self-harm, and tampering.

By Lisa May | June 24, 2024

Hitting the Floor. Really.

This past week, I was invited to Splendor Glass outside of Toledo, Ohio. I was so excited to visit and hit their manufacturing floor. That was until I actually hit their floor.

By Max Perilstein | June 24, 2024

Glass Cast Season 2 Episode 1

Matt Aragon of Aragon Construction sits down with SLAM Collaborative’s Keith Fine to hear what architects are seeking in their partnerships with glaziers.

June 18, 2024

Mental Health and Well-being

In this podcast, I do a deep dive on mental health in construction with expert guests David Argus and Cal Beyer. Plus, my takeaways from the Top Manufacturers report, and industry anniversaries.

By Max Perilstein | June 17, 2024

Hey ChatGPT, Can We Talk?

I invited AI to describe its capabilities and address the risks companies face when using this new technology. What follows is a transcript from a conversation with ChatGPT, the language model by OpenAI.

By Katy Devlin | June 14, 2024

Micro-aluminum profiles

The adhesion of sealants to polymers is typically not as good as to aluminum, and primers are often needed to support adequate adhesion. To enable more thermally advanced aluminum fenestration solutions, it’s therefore important to address this adhesion challenge.