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Learning to Change is Worth the Effort

The year 2020 was packed with change. By some accounts, 3-5 years of technological advancement happened in one year. This change happened faster and sooner than previously anticipated, partly due to technology and partly due to human innovation/resourcefulness. Change, for better or worse, affords us the opportunity to be more flexible, efficient, productive, and customer centric, all of which enable your company to succeed in the future.

By Chris Kammer | January 11, 2021

Looking Back Before We Look Forward

As is tradition, on the second post of the new year, I make predictions for our industry right here on this blog. Some years are better than others, and each following year I review them and either take a victory lap or take my lumps. Obviously, for my 2020 predictions I should get a pass on all because the year surely wasn’t normal.

By Max Perilstein | January 11, 2021

Prepare for What's Next

How can glass companies prepare for 2021? I asked some of Glass Magazine’s expert contributors to weigh in, and they offered insights on everything from legal and contract best practices to labor concerns.

By Katy Devlin | January 05, 2021

Tips for Preventing Winter Weather Injury and Illness

Winter is here in the United States, and that means freezing temperatures and inclement weather for many parts of the country. To help prevent cold-related sickness and injury, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration created cold weather resources for employers.

By Norah Dick | January 04, 2021

And so we begin!

Has there ever been a new year where there is an absolute unanimous agreement that it is great to move on to the next? I think obviously this is the one with all of us now looking forward with hope and positivity to 2021.

By Max Perilstein | January 04, 2021

A New Norm

It has been a year of change—of persevering, adopting new technologies and adjusting processes midstream. I think we can all agree that December looks a lot different than we thought it would back in January.

By David Vermeulen | December 14, 2020

From the Fabricator: 2020 MVP

As this is the last post of 2020, hopefully we can put the unusual nature of this year behind us and see better things ahead. But first, as is tradition here, it’s time for the 2020 Glass Industry MVP race.

By Max Perilstein | December 14, 2020

6 Reasons to Make 2022 the Year of Glass

We are now in the glass age, declared several United Nations representatives during the worldwide presentation of the UN Year of Glass 2022, held last week. Find out the top reasons why glass should be recognized through a United Nations Declaration.  

By Katy Devlin | December 08, 2020

Get Ready for The Glass Age

Will 2022 be the year of Glass? I have mentioned this a few times, but there is an excellent international move afoot to make 2022 officially the year of glass and would begin the “The Glass Age” in our world. Obviously, I love it.

By Max Perilstein | December 07, 2020