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Supply Chain

Labor, Inflation, Supply Chain

Companies in the construction industry are facing one of the most complex business environments in the past two decades. Get actionable suggestions to emerge from five current economic challenges as a stronger business.

Grappling with Rising Glass Costs

Summer 2022 has brought high temperatures right alongside higher prices for everything from gas to groceries, and yes, to glass. How has the industry responded? 

Excitement High at TGA Glass Conference

Last week’s TGA Conference, hosted by the Texas Glass Association at the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas, had a very strong showing, and a feeling of excitement. The sold-out show boasted the highest attendance in its history, with 150 attendees.

Managing Supply Chain Problems

The past couple of years have been marked by severe supply chain problems. As business owners, we have to adapt to this situation. We must find ways to operate in this environment, overcome its challenges and grow our companies.

Delays, Freight Rate Hikes Likely as Ukraine War Disrupts Shipping Operations

The key port cities Odessa and Mariupol in Ukraine have suspended most operations, leaving over 1,000 commercial sailors unable to move cargo containers through the Kerch Straight and the Black Sea. The glass manufacturing and other commercial construction industry sectors that rely on Eastern…

On Good Stewardship: Balancing efficiencies with supply chain challenges

The industry continues to push for newer efficiencies while grappling with supply chain challenges. Responsible care and management of resources—in all forms—will be key to success in 2022.

APAA States Support for Biden Administration’s Tariff-Rate Quota Deal with the European Union

The American Primary Aluminum Association, which represents the majority of U.S. primary aluminum producers and thousands of aluminum workers across the country, expressed its support for the tariff-rate quota deal reached between the Biden Administration and the European Union.

What Can Help with Labor and Supply Challenges?

What’s keeping the glass industry up at night? Exhibitors, attendees and speakers at GlassBuild America all pointed to two major challenges: the ongoing labor shortage and pandemic-related supply chain constraints.

AGC Issues Building Material Inflation Alert

The Associated General Contractors of America issued an inflation alert last week, responding to the construction industry’s “unprecedented mix of steeply rising materials prices, snarled supply chains, and staffing difficulties, combined with slumping demand that is keeping many contractors from…

Construction Supply Chain Struggles Could Worsen Following Suez Canal Blockage

The U.S. construction industry will likely feel ripple effects of the blockage of the Suez Canal, adding to a series of ongoing supply chain and material acquisition concerns.

Glass Industry M&A

Despite notable M&A activity in glass in recent years, the industry remains fragmented, presenting consolidation opportunities to expand infrastructure and achieve synergies through scale. Read on for key market acquisitions from recent years and an outlook for future activity.

The Decision-making Supply Chain

The quality level of all manufactured goods assembled and delivered in the curtain wall supply chain flow downhill from design and engineering decision-making, whether good or bad. The assembled system of products that is a “curtain wall system” applied uniquely to each building type and layout is…

The Discussion: Experience vs. Inexperience

“John. Wait, stop right there.” “What?” “Stop right there and go back to that prior statement.” “What statement?” “The one where you mentioned lack of experience in the supply chain; I think it may be the biggest issue of them all as to why so many projects take longer, and require more work…

Inventory Communication

Supply chain management is a massive part of doing business. Yet, for many managers, it does not get the focus or appreciation it truly deserves. In addition, with supply oversight comes one of the scariest words: inventory! That word and needed process can bring an absolute panic to those who…