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APAA States Support for Biden Administration’s Tariff-Rate Quota Deal with the European Union

The American Primary Aluminum Association, which represents the majority of U.S. primary aluminum producers and thousands of aluminum workers across the country, expressed its support for the tariff-rate quota deal reached between the Biden Administration and the European Union.

“The just announced TRQ deal will maintain the effectiveness of the Section 232 aluminum program, while allowing us to support continued investment in the U.S. primary aluminum industry and create more American aluminum jobs,” says Mark Duffy, CEO of the APAA. “Of critical importance, the arrangement supports America’s primary aluminum industry by setting the quota portion of the TRQ at very low levels that are well below pre-232 volumes.”

Prior to the Section 232 program, all of America’s primary aluminum smelters were slated for closure because of the collapse in prices due to excess global capacity. Since its implementation, the Section 232 program has helped America maintain its ability to produce primary aluminum, protecting and creating thousands of American aluminum jobs and leading to over $6 billion in new domestic capital investments, upstream and downstream, say Association officials.

As part of President Biden’s commitment to rebuild domestic manufacturing, the TRQ deal will allow U.S. primary aluminum producers to keep reinvesting and creating more good-paying American jobs, say officials.