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Decorative Glass

Designing with Cast and Heat-Formed Decorative Glass

The National Glass Association is an approved AIA Provider and, thanks to the involvement of its volunteer members, has nine approved industry-consensus presentations available. Members may use these presentations when contacting architects and other interested parties. More architect resources are…

Shaping Interiors with Channel Glass

Blending aesthetics and functionality, channel glass is an adaptable and dynamic solution.

Glass Can Do That

Glass is a multi-functional building product that meets performance, life-safety and aesthetic goals. See all that glass can do in this interactive chart.

Shattering Conventions: William Hazel

Despite facing many challenges, William Hazel became a stained glass artist, and architect, of extraordinary talent. 

New Approaches  to Glass Partition Designs

Modern interior glass partitions are meeting the needs of contemporary next-generation office spaces.

How to Take Demountable Glass Wall Systems to the Next Level

Demountable glass partitions offer a variety of opportunities and benefits, especially for the interior office environment. They offer design teams alternatives for space utilization, create openings for natural light, offer noise control, and more.

A Checklist for Glass Printing

Demystifying digital and decorative printing on flat architectural glass—the strengths of each print process, plus considerations for bridging client needs with fabricator capabilities.

Understanding Ideal Applications for Ceramic Frit and Silicone Coatings

For wall cladding, spandrel glazing and more, ceramic frit and silicone coatings are two ways to apply color onto glass. A good understanding of the two options can assist architects and building owners in determining which approach is better suited for a given application.

Applying Color to Glass: Silicone Coatings

Last week, we discussed the design flexibility of using ceramic frit to apply color to glass. This week, we will look at the versatility of silicone coatings, and how they compare and contrast to ceramic frit.

Applying Color to Glass: Ceramic Frit

For wall cladding, spandrel glazing and more, ceramic frit and silicone coatings are two ways to apply color onto glass. Offering a broad array of colors, high-quality ingredients, and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), both ceramic frit and silicone coatings are go-to glass decoration…

Versatility in Design and Wellness with Decorative Glass

Decorative glass can fulfill a multitude of roles, providing stylish and eye-catching designs as well as enhanced safety, energy efficiency, even protection for birds who might mistake clear glass for open sky. 

ODL Inc. Names Dan Volkema Vice President of Finance

Building products supplier ODL Inc., which specializes in decorative and clear door glass and other privacy solutions, has named Dan Volkema vice president of finance, according to a company statement released March 17, 2022.

Pulp Studio Introduces ’New Decorative Glass ‘Refracted Reflections’

Pulp Studio released "Refracted Reflections," part of its catalog of custom glass products. 

Promoting Biophilic Design Strategies with Glass

Proven to boost employee satisfaction and performance, concentration levels and healing, biophilic design trends are gaining traction. Ushering in the wonderful benefits of natural light and promoting views to the outdoors, windows, curtain wall, storefronts, glass partitions, skylights and glass…

Pulp Studio Transforms Hotel Exterior into Glowing, Gold Facade

The Le Méridien Pasadena Arcadia is a four-star hotel that combines modernist features with Art Deco elements in its design. Inspired by the nearby Santa Anita race track, the facade of the building incorporates Pulp Studio’s Chromavision Gold glass elements that glow at night against the stunning…

6 Reasons to Love Architectural Glass

Among structural materials, glass is worthy of our admiration, with many properties that make it uniquely suited to enhance the beauty, design and performance of buildings. It benefits people; it benefits the environment.  

Best Decorative Glass Application

The ascending glass spiral of the new Hurricane Maria Memorial in New York City symbolizes the devastating hurricane which struck Puerto Rico in 2017, while simultaneously representing protection against those destructive forces.

All that Glass Can Do | Beyond energy & thermal performance

This part of All that Glass Can Do looks beyond energy and thermal performance to the other wide-ranging capabilities of glass, such as security glass, large sizes, curved assemblies, decorative glasses and more. 

5 Decorative Glass Trends to Watch

New design trends in the decorative glass market call for larger sizes, custom designs, vibrant colors, new inks, multi-functional products and more. Successful glass fabricators keep a close watch on emerging trends, track relevant changes in codes and standards, and implement factory best…

2019 Reader Photo Contest

In its fourth year, Glass Magazine’s Reader Photo Contest is highlighting exceptional glass in the interior. Editors asked for submissions showcasing innovative interior glass applications, from staircases to glass partitions.

Interior Glass Doors: Built for safety, size and style

Interior glass partitions and doors highlight the offices of financial planning software company PIEtech in Powhatan, Virginia. SMBW Architects chose large interior glass systems for the project, including: Pure Enclose Framed Glass Wall Systems with EML372 Magnetic Locks RTS88 COC and TG…

Drying and Curing Inks and Coatings on Glass

Editor’s note: This article is the first of a two-part series on inks and coatings. Read how to troubleshoot common problems with inks in the May 2013 issue. As the application possibilities for decorative glass continue to grow, so does the number of inks and coatings available. These inks and…