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Embracing Automation

Automation is not just a tool for large enterprises but a necessity for smaller to mid-sized companies to remain competitive in today's market. From enhancing operational efficiency to reducing labor dependence and costs, automation offers a range of benefits that can unlock a company's full potential. 

By Chris Kammer | June 10, 2024

Learning Curve

Environmental impact. That term and all that goes with it will be growing eventually in North America. It is a slow process and I will be the first to admit my personal struggles with understanding it all. So, I saw three things this week that gave me additional hope. First, from the manufacturer side, the team at Eastman had a release featuring “Life cycle assessment (LCA) of architectural Eastman Saflex and Vanceva PVB interlayers”, focused on four new product additions: Saflex Clear, Saflex Acoustic, Saflex Solar and Vanceva.

By Max Perilstein | June 10, 2024

From glasstec: Circular economy in the glass industry a major topic of this decade

At this year's glasstec, held Oct. 22-25 in Düsseldorf, Germany, circular economy will be a Hot Topic, a major area of focus for the international trade show. Decarbonization and digital technologies are other Hot Topics of the show.

The Chill Period

Before our slower news season this summer, I'm curious about how AIA's expo will do this week, given the historically poor experience it's been for exhibitors. More on my most recent pod, responses to the (debatable) Best Places to Live, and a new case study from Tubelite.

By Max Perilstein | June 03, 2024

New Pod Drop + Milestones + Best Cities

For the long holiday weekend, I’ve got a supersized episode of the From the Fabricator podcast with some seriously interesting people and angles shared throughout. We kick things off with good friends Tom O’Malley of Clover Architectural and Kevin Mayer of PurOptima. Those two are working together and bringing a great approach to the demountable/interior space. Tons of insight and learning nuggets from them- especially on the growth aspect. Good stuff and watch me cringe when I accidently age Tom up 30+ years. Ouch.   

By Max Perilstein | May 28, 2024

High-Performance Fenestration Gives Health Care a Clear Advantage

In all climates and conditions, high-performance fenestration and glazing systems give healthcare facilities a clear advantage. In 2023, 41% of hospitals invested in, upgraded or improved their building envelope according to American Society of Health Care Engineers’ Hospital Construction Survey. Of hospitals’ capital budgets allocated to construction projects, 30% was designated for new construction and 30% for facility renovation, the 2024 survey reported.

A truly GREAT state of Texas

Fun industry week as both the events in Texas and Washington D.C. were massively successful. Texas Glass Conference IV raised the bar again. From having 45 people and 4 sessions in 2017 to 155+ and 8 sessions, this event is on a rocket ship. I am honored to still be on it! Congratulations to the Board and Membership of the TGA for an awesome effort. Some highlights and people sightings…

By Max Perilstein | May 20, 2024

Texas, Speakers, and DC

Big week ahead as the 4th Texas Glass Conference kicks off this week outside of Austin. The Texas Glass Association once again has put together an amazing agenda, and the speaking group/subject matter is top-notch. I can’t wait to be there to participate! I am very curious to get some insight from the attendees on the various product trends, too. Even though that is one area I am talking about, I am looking forward to some feedback on what other people are seeing and experiencing. I’ll have the recap with pertinent details next week here on the blog!

By Max Perilstein | May 13, 2024

Common Architect FAQs for Manufacturers and Suppliers

As an aluminum window and curtain wall manufacturer, we assist the design team with technical product information and guidance on products’ proper application in their buildings. Our industry has the knowledge to answer architects’ questions and product solutions to address their needs.

New Pod and More

Finally, we have a new podcast episode for you! The latest From the Fabricator podcast is now live with two insanely talented guys. First up, maybe you caught my hint last week on a guest being “sharp.” Well, this one is…both for real and in name. Kyle Sharp from Sharp Glass gets us going. It is interesting to run through his past and present. Also great looks at the market, doing things the right way, and, of course, the awesome and upcoming Texas Glass Con IV. Which is open for more than just folks in Texas by the way- good event!. 


By Max Perilstein | May 06, 2024