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Catch Up Time

No traditional lead story this week, just a lot of catching up with tidbits of information and happenings around the glass world. Plus, if I write about the adventure with interest rates and dire predictions from this past week, I may get too depressed to continue, so I’ll save that for another time. So let’s jump into some lighter industry related fare!

By Max Perilstein | April 15, 2024

Headed to the Big D

Thrilled to be headed to the great state of Texas this week to visit with the North Texas Division of the Texas Glass Association. I love the opportunity to meet and network, as well as share some of the latest insights in our space. There’s quite a bit of news to cover too, so that will be fun.

By Max Perilstein | April 08, 2024

New Pod: Paints, Innovations & More

The latest “From the Fabricator” podcast is now live for your listening and/or watching pleasure. Kicking it off with 2 guys who are incredibly detailed and strong on the paint and finishing sides. Neil Chrisman III and Chris Incorvaia were great in running down the various issues on that area of the world, many of which I had no idea and some that are a continuing pain for which solutions were offered. Neil is flat out brilliant on this subject matter (The King of Paint) and Chris was incredibly impressive too. Good learning for me.  

By Max Perilstein | April 01, 2024

Good News, Events, Products, Big Fish and More

I'm excited for several personnel shifts in our industry, including Shelly Farmer's great new position a senior vice president at rising company Pellucere Technologies. Plus, upcoming events to put on your calendar.

By Max Perilstein | March 25, 2024

Embracing Adaptive Reuse and Renovation

Adaptive reuse involves repurposing existing structures for new functions while preserving their potential historic or architectural significance. This type of project, along with renovation, offers significant opportunities for glazing products and systems.

Letter to the Editor: Ensuring Glazier Safety Procedures

Glazier safety is a critical aspect of the construction industry that requires urgent attention. In this Letter to the Editor, Rick Taylor, safety director, Horizon Glass, responds to Glass Magazine's recent article on glass handling and provides additional context and insights. 

March 21, 2024

We Need to Talk about Opioid Addiction

Seventy percent of workplaces have been affected by the opioid crisis, according to estimates from the National Safety Council.

By Katy Devlin | March 20, 2024

Amazing Project and People

I had noted last week that I was afforded a great opportunity while at BEC in Nashville. Troy Johnson, President of Apogee Architectural Services (Harmon) asked if I wanted to visit a jobsite that they had rolling in town. For me, timing was a nightmare with my responsibilities to BEC, but Troy and the Harmon folks were accommodating and at 6:45 AM on Day 2 of BEC, we shoved off to Nashville Yards Parcel 3a, AKA, NYP3a.

By Max Perilstein | March 18, 2024

Building for the Future

The AI revolution is at our doorstep. This two-part series will look at what AI can do for your manufacturing business.

By Chris Kammer | March 11, 2024