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Lisa May

Lisa May

Lisa May, LEED Green Associate, serves as the manager of architectural design at Wausau Window and Wall Systems. She can be reached at or 715-846-3474.

Staying current with energy codes?

Increasingly stringent energy codes are pushing innovation in the fenestration industry. It benefits industry members to know about the codes governing the areas they work in so they can provide specification support to design teams.

3 key considerations for capitalizing on EC glass tax credits

Glass industry companies have the opportunity to capitalize on the Inflation Reduction Act's incentives for electrochromic glass. Before entering this market, manufacturers should be aware of what EC is, how U.S. products compare, and what to know about installation.

Supporting school security requires education and available, tested products

School shooter attacks are on everyone’s mind, and glazing and fenestration can be part of the security solution in schools. Because guidelines for selecting security building solutions are sometimes ambiguous, our industry has a critical role to play in advising and implementing the right glazing…