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Equity & Inclusion

Celebrating Juneteenth: A Holiday of Resilience

NAWIC webinar celebrates Juneteenth National Independence Day and explores recognizing marginalized communities in the construction industry.

Breaking Barriers and Navigating the Glass Industry

During the first California Glass Association meeting of the year in January, I had the chance to sit down and talk to Kristie Rehberger, general manager, A GlasCo Inc., about how she got started in the industry, challenges she faces, what advice she has for other women and her future plans in the…

Industry Leaders Discuss the Business of DEIB

Industry experts, hosted by NGA Operations Manager Alicia Hamilton, explored diversity, inclusion and what it means for business, in the keynote panel “Building Better Business through DEIB,” presented on the GlassBuild Main Stage. The conversation looked at what that belonging can look like for…

Elevating a New Generation of Girls in Glass

NAWIC recently hosted 70 teenage girls for a free weeklong learning program offering a hands-on approach to construction careers. This year's curriculum also included education about glass and glazing, courtesy of NAWIC board member Kristie Rehberger, also the general manager of A Glasco Inc.

NGA Recognizes Juneteenth: A Day of Celebration and Service

NGA recognizes Juneteenth, the annual commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States after the Civil War, as a day of celebration and service, commemorating Black history, culture, and contributions.

Women in Construction

To celebrate Women in Construction Week and Women's History Month, Glass Magazine sat down with a few women in the industry to discuss their experiences. Assistant Editor Rachel Vitello spoke with Marie Staub, who has had a long and successful career within the industry.

Women in Construction

To celebrate Women in Construction Week and Women's History Month, Glass Magazine sat down with a few women in the industry to discuss their experiences. This is the interview Jessica Hanson, sales manager with Heartland Glass.

NCCER Compiles Paper on Experiences of Women in Industry

The National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) interviewed tradeswomen and analyzed responses to a survey directed to women in the industry for a white paper called "In Her Own Words: Improving Project Outcomes", which will assist employers with recruiting, hiring and…

Women in Glass: In Her Words

Lindsey Rowe Parker is the marketing director at Rowe Renestration and NAWIC's Sacramento Marketing Chair. She's been with Rowe Fenestration for six years, has 15 years' marketing experience and is a self-professed lifetime #glassnerd. Lindsey took some time to share her thoughts about women in…

Women in Construction

Women in Construction Week is here. To recognize this week, March 5-11, Glass Magazine sat down with a few women in the industry to discuss their experiences. This is the interview Ahlam Qaimari, who has been in the glass industry for three years since she joined Griffin Glass & Metal Werks.

Women in Construction

To celebrate Women in Construction Week and Women's History Month, Glass Magazine sat down with a few women in the industry to discuss their experiences. This is the interview Jessica Hanson, sales manager with Heartland Glass.

Look for Women in Glass

The National Glass Association's Women in Glass and Fenestration Panel at GlassBuild 2022 is just the start of the NGA’s efforts to provide community for women currently in glass, and to encourage more women to enter the glass and glazing field.

Women In Fenestration: Joining Voices to Benefit the Industry

Meeting in groups offers a place for people to regroup and connect. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and return to some semblance of normalcy, an authentic and supportive connection can go a long way to inspire and empower us for what comes next.

The Musings of a Very Pregnant Fenestration Industry Worker

As I prepare for the arrival of my daughter, I'm thinking through how we can care for and support parents, inside and outside the workplace.

Showing What’s Possible

Mother-daughter glazing team Casey Weir and Anna Wright talk with Andrew Haring about their experiences in the industry, the need to bring more women into glazing, and more. 

Binswanger Recognizes a Rising Star on International Women’s Day

The team at Binswanger Glass couldn’t be more proud to recognize Riley Robinson, Binswanger’s Dallas/Fort Worth customer care center manager for 2022 International Women’s Day.

Women in the Fenestration Industry

When I joined the National Fenestration Rating Council as document coordinator in 2009, it was my first job in the building environment. And, of course, when I attended my first NFRC meeting, it was hard to miss the demographic make-up of attendees—a lot of men. There may be some positive news,…

Two Simple, but Not Easy, Priorities

Two related leadership priorities can help companies to recruit and retain employees, improve engagement and profitability, and keep workers safe: one, promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace; and two, address racism and discriminatory practices on the job.

By the Numbers: Women in Manufacturing

Women are underrepresented in the manufacturing industry. Despite accounting for just under half of the overall workforce, women lag in manufacturing. Here is a close-up look at the representation of women in manufacturing, according to a 2020 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a 2016…

The State of Women in Construction

Despite making up 50 percent of the workforce, women comprise just 10 percent of the construction industry in the United States.

By the Numbers: Women in the Pandemic Workforce

The pandemic has hit women in the workforce particularly hard. Participation of women in the workforce is at its lowest rate since 1988 due to a combination of factors, from school closures to women-dominated industries such as hospitality suffering most during COVID.

Giroux Glass Recognizes Women in Construction

Women in Construction Week is the annual seven-day celebration honoring women in construction presented by NAWIC, The National Association of Women in Construction. 

A Southern California Celebration of Women in Construction

Women in Construction Week will be upon us next week, from March 7-13, and the members of the National Association of Women in Construction are ready to go. The annual event kicks off by celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8.

By the Numbers: Women in Construction

For this Women in Construction week, check out the latest stats on the state of women in the glass and glazing industry.

Binswanger Recognizes Tiffany Brown for International Women's Day

The team at Binswanger Glass is proud to recognize Tiffany Brown, Houston and Dallas auto center manager for 2021 International Women’s Day. "I am leading culture change in the industry,” says Brown

How to Support Women Working in the Pandemic

Recruiting and retaining a more gender-diverse workforce has been a longtime concern for the glass industry. Now, it is possible the gains that have been made could be threatened by the pandemic.  

Diversify Your Workforce

An industry panel discusses how companies can examine their current workforce and take steps to encourage diversity, inclusiveness and more open communication in the workplace.

GLAAS INC. Sets Women Up for Success in Glazing

In response to the ongoing glass industry labor shortage, Australia’s glass industry association, GLAAS Inc.,  developed a program to recruit and train women for careers in glazing.

Creative Recruitment

Ace Glass leads attend a Spider Swing Stage training with sales rep John VanNatta. The company hires and trains new employees from multiple creative channels, including prison transition programs. Photo courtesy of Ace Glass. Although the worker shortage continues to be a primary…

Women in Construction

Economic news in the United States has been positive throughout 2016, including within the construction industry. However, many within the industry, including those in glass and glazing, continue to face one major challenge that could hinder recovery: a worker shortage. In a CMD webinar, “…

Underrepresented Groups Offer Opportunity to Combat Labor Shortage

In the CMD iSqFt webinar, “Construction 2016: How Sustainable is the Construction Economic Recovery?” several leading construction economists addressed the challenges of the labor shortage in construction and manufacturing. To combat the shortage of skilled labor, economists noted opportunities in…