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A Southern California Celebration of Women in Construction

Women in Construction Week is upon us, and the members of the National Association of Women in Construction are ready to go. The annual event kicks off by celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8.

This year, and for the first time, not only will the event held in a virtual platform, but the chapters of Los Angeles and Orange County will be joining forces to host the event together. The streaming platform they selected is also a “first” for the organizations. Going well beyond the usual video meeting format, this event will allow ongoing chats and live networking, even by video if so desired, during several designated networking sessions.

The goal of the sister chapters joining together this year? To bring you the most interesting speakers on the relevant topics from the two neighboring counties. And their collaboration illustrates a timely motto.

NAWIC’s theme for WIC Week this year is “Connect – Collaborate – Construct!” and presentations and discussions will align closely with those topics:


Tuesday morning's events include: 

  • Connecting the Next Generation to the Construction Industry. Panelists will discuss how women are connecting the next generation to the construction industry in both the field and the office.
  • The Power of the Pack. Presenters will discuss the importance, power and benefits of women helping women in the construction industry. They will explore the power of connecting, networking, and making allies of other women in the industry. “You can always tell who the strong women are; they are the ones building up and empowering one another.”


Wednesday afternoon’s Collaboration-themed event will feature a fundraiser benefiting two local charity organizations, and discuss Making a Difference. Presenters will discuss what their companies are doing to engage employees to volunteer and participate in charity projects – and the impact they are making in their communities.


Thursday's events delve into the theme of Construction.

  • The discussion will focus on Technology and Construction. Panelists will describe how the industry is responding with innovation to address difficult tasks. They'll present their companies' programs to train employees to use the latest technology in their construction projects to achieve best results with safety, quality, productivity and overall knowledge.
  • Stepping Up to the Challenge. Presenters will discuss how their women-owned companies are stepping up to the challenges of the construction industry and how they have managed to remain relevant and competitive throughout the years.

Registration is still open, but will be capped at a maximum of 250 attendees. If you would like to attend one or any of the virtual events, please visit the event page. The purchase of one ticket grants access to all events.


Barbara Kotsos headshot

Barbara Kotsos

Barbara Kotsos is director of marketing and public relations, Giroux Glass Inc., and president of the NAWIC Los Angeles chapter.