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Mary Avery

Mary Avery

Part of Tubelite’s team for 15 years, Mary Avery serves as vice president of marketing, where she and her team focus on clients’ existing and emerging needs.

Current product-specific EPDs depend on new fenestration PCR

For fenestration manufacturers, the road to LEED v4.1 certification has been made more difficult recently by a defunct program operator for the product category rule. With a new PCR for fenestration developed with a coalition of industry groups, including NGA, companies will now be able to qualify…

How to keep people cool with thermally broken framing

Temperatures are heating up. Systems that are thermally-broken help reduce heat transfer, and thus keep building occupants cooler, which often results in happier, more productive employees, in case of businesses.

Supporting a smart, skilled workforce

BLS employment numbers suggest that manufacturing and specialty contractors are adding employees. Employers can look to a variety of glass industry education resources to train these new workers.

How Do Paints and Anodizes Affect LEED Credits?

In this final installment of our series on earning LEED v4 points, we'll look at anodizes and finishes, and learn what to consider for your project.

A Guide to Earning LEED Points: Materials and Resources’ Building Product Disclosure and Optimization

The newest version of LEED includes a Materials and Resources’ Building Product Disclosure and Optimization, which can add two points to a total score. Manufacturers can earn those two points through two different methods: using reporting compliance or providing compliant material ingredient…

Deciphering LEED credits: Environmental Product Declarations

How do environmental product declarations affect your projects' LEED score? What should glazing contractors know? In this second installment of our blog series, we’ll cover EPDs, what they are, the types used for compliance, and how they can be used on your project to satisfy LEED requirements

Deciphering LEED Credits

More than 100,000 projects currently use the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating systems to meet and verify their sustainability goals. It’s great to see this commitment, but what does it mean for glazing contractors? In this four-part blog series, we’ll decipher how aluminum-framed…

How to Choose Entrance Systems

Doors and entrances systems are used by everyone, every time someone goes in or out of a building. Choosing a dependable system to meet your project’s traffic flow is important to ensuring it performs as specified and intended. Not only is this essential for effective operations and accessibility,…

Deciphering Doors

Commercial architectural trends continue to incorporate large entrances that make a big impression. Creating this experience for a building’s occupants and visitors starts with a single door.

5 Common Challenges with Entry Door Installation (and How to Avoid Them)

When you’re at the jobsite and ready to install your aluminum framed entrance systems, you want everything to go smoothly and quickly for an exact fit, followed by many years of dependable use. To make sure your entry-door install goes well, here are five common mistakes glass industry…