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Joe Bazzano

Joe Bazzano

Joe Bazzano is COO of Beacon Exit Planning LLC, a firm that provides the services and tools needed to effectively navigate the succession and exit planning process. He can be reached at

Inside an ESOP

When it comes to exiting a business and monetizing the wealth trapped in the company, an owner can consider five general methods of exiting: a sale to an outside party such as a competitor or strategic partner; a sale to a private equity group; a sale to a manager or group of managers in a…

Exit Planning and Succession VII - Contingency Planning FAQs

Contingency planning is a critical yet often neglected aspect of protecting a business. This process addresses what will happen to a business, an owner’s business stock, and an owner’s family if he or she dies, suffers illness or injury, or simply chooses to leave the business. It will also…