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Klein-Dickert Milwaukee Inc. Achieves NACC Certification

Klein-Dickert Milwaukee Inc. is the latest glazing contractor to have successfully completed all requirements for certification by the North American Contractor Certification Program. By having met the NACC requirements, Klein-Dickert has demonstrated an adherence to consistent processes and procedures necessary to duplicate past successes and meet future customer expectations.

Klein Dickert started in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1919 as a paint contracting company with some glazing capabilities. Today, it has evolved to become an award-winning glazing contractor specializing in commercial curtain wall and storefront design, engineering and site implementation.

“We already had many of the required processes and procedures in place prior to our initial assessment, but many were verbal or very loosely applied, “Jim Longley, president of Klein-Dickert, says. “In preparation for our assessment we had to put our policies and procedures into a more formalized structure. I felt that as we were going through the certification assessment, we started developing better processes for how we do things.” He says that their fabrication and field personnel have embraced these changes.

Longley revealed that one thing that stood out about the certification process was how detailed many of the NACC requirements were. “It truly made us look hard at how we documented our processes and procedures,” Longley says. “This didn’t just apply to workmanship, but to our overall business and how we operated all aspects of the company.”

When asked about a competitive advantage for Klein-Dickert, Longley says, “I put NACC certification in the same category as a trained workforce, versus non-trained. There are so many factors that make up a successful project, and when you operate with the comprehensive processes needed to achieve certification you will perform better in each factor, ultimately providing your customer with better overall quality.”

Klein-Dickert is the seventh glazing contractor to complete NACC certification in 2020. Moreover, there are twelve additional contractors currently undergoing assessment for certification. “In a year where we’ve seen a lot of programs and initiatives slow down, interest in becoming NACC certified has continued to grow,” says, Ben Beeler, the program’s technical director.