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Madeleine MacRae

Madeleine MacRae

Madeleine MacRae is founder and owner of MM MacRae Coaching & Consulting. She can be reached at

Lead Problems vs. Lead Leaks

Many business owners and managers seek my help to create more sales leads. While lead generation, marketing messages and advertising can be tough nuts to crack, the problem may not always be lead generation. Before spending time, money and effort fixing a “leads problem,” an owner must make sure…

Instructions Not Included

I vividly remember the moment when it dawned on me that every single person—from the most successful business owners and CEOs to the janitor sweeping the floors, the attendant at the gas station and everyone in between—is making things up as they go along. For years, I assumed that, with rank…

Traits of Top Performers

The number one false assumption that I’ve seen peers make about top sales performers is that they have an it thing—some natural-born personality trait or gift that makes them automatic stars who close high-dollar sales easily and with practically no effort. While their performance in front of…