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Marco Terry

Marco Terry

Marco Terry is managing director of Commercial Capital LLC, a factoring company and provider of invoice financing to companies in the glass industry. He can be reached at 877/300-3258. Opinions expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the position of the National Glass Association or Glass Magazine.

Play it Smart with AI

Heavily promoted as an effective way to improve business efficiency, generative AI strategies can aid your company.

Flexible Strategies for a Shifting Economy

You can’t predict, but you can prepare for a 2024 environment full of uncertainty and potentially extreme outcomes.

Six Simple Lessons to Improve Your Decisions

Executives can improve their decision-making skills by applying simple techniques and becoming aware of common challenges.

Your Business Should Have a Cash Reserve

A cash reserve is an essential component of a resilient business. It is your most important financial tool to ensure smooth operations.

Which Customers Qualify for Net-30 Terms?

Recessions increase the number of net-30 on invoices that turn into bad debt, but a simple method can catch them before they become a cash flow problem.

How and When to Use Financing

Tips and tools to help you navigate increasing inflation, interest rates and risk.

Labor, Inflation, Supply Chain

Companies in the construction industry are facing one of the most complex business environments in the past two decades. Get actionable suggestions to emerge from five current economic challenges as a stronger business.

Managing Supply Chain Problems

The past couple of years have been marked by severe supply chain problems. As business owners, we have to adapt to this situation. We must find ways to operate in this environment, overcome its challenges and grow our companies.

Are You Planning to Sell Your Company?

Here are nine steps owners can take to ensure they are prepared to sell their business at the best possible price.

​​​​​​​To Buy or Not to Buy

6 critical questions to ask before acquiring a company

Are You Ready for the Challenges Ahead?

Every January, I take my company through a process to prepare it for the year’s challenges. The goal is to position the company to handle problems and take advantage of opportunities. 

Should You Refinance Your Company’s Debt?

An owner can often get a good idea if their company could benefit from refinancing by asking four targeted questions.

Protect Your Business Finances from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Four strategies for glass company owners to handle this situation and limit the financial damage to their business.

All in the Family Part 2: How to Sell Your Company to the Next Generation

Part I of the “All in Family” article series looked at several key considerations for business owners looking to sell to family members. It covered determining company direction, addressing management plans, pricing and more. Once those topics are discussed, an owner must determine the method and…

All in the Family: Part 1

These topics of conversation may be uncomfortable, but they need resolution before the succession plan materializes. If they are not resolved beforehand, they are guaranteed to surface at the worst possible time.  

3 Financial Strategies for Uncertain Times

The Bottom Line We are in a unique time where there is uncertainty but also access to relatively cheap financing. This environment allows companies to improve their safety net, and potentially profits, by leveraging financing. It also allows them to improve cash flow by leveraging vendor…

Financing Big Orders

Getting a large order can be either a blessing or a source of major problems for a company. It’s an obvious blessing if the company has the resources to fulfill it. However, if the company doesn’t, large orders can create havoc. It must scramble to find the resources to fulfill it. This task is…

Client Bankruptcy

Always avoid clients who are in a shaky financial position. They are prime candidates for bankruptcy. This advice may sound obvious, but few companies do anything about it until it is too late. This article presents strategies to detect and avoid potential client bankruptcies. But before…

Is Your Glass Company Recession-ready?

There is growing concern that the United States is entering a recession. The decade-long recovery may be losing steam, and the economy may experience a contraction. At least, that is what some experts, and many TV pundits, say. Conversely, many experts are looking at the same or similar data and…

When is the Right Time to Grow a Business?

Two ways to grow Generally, there are two ways to grow a company. An owner can grow a company organically by increasing the client base through marketing. Or the owner can grow through acquisition by purchasing competitors. Organic growth is often slower but less risky. Growth by acquisition can…

Payroll Financing Solutions

The primary responsibility of a business owner or company manager is to make sure that employees are always paid on time. Nothing erodes company morale and employee goodwill more than missing payroll.  In my experience financing distressed businesses, few companies ever recover from missing…

Eight Steps to Getting Paid on Time

Having a system in place to ensure that invoices are paid on time is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent cash flow problems. A company can avoid late-paying invoices and the problems associated with them by following the eight steps outlined in this article. Have a contract that…

Strategies and Negotiation Tips for Early Payment Discounts

One strategy to entice clients to pay sooner is to offer an early payment discount—usually a 2 percent discount if they pay within 10 days. A previous article in the October 2015 issue, “When to Offer Early Payment Discounts,” addressed considerations for suppliers. This article presents the…

The Right Way to Dismiss Problem Clients

During the recession that began in late 2007, things were tough for most companies. Many were laying off employees, and the construction industry ground to a halt. Most companies took any and every client just to get sales. It was a matter of survival. Unfortunately, this approach left many glass…

Your Profits: The Right Way to Build Credit with Your Vendors

For small or new glass companies, buying supplies can be a serious challenge. They must pay their vendors as soon as—or, perhaps, even before—the supplies are delivered. This capital-intensive process means that they must have the cash at the time of purchase. Larger glass companies, on the other…