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Being Ready

Finally the weather in Michigan is allowing me to get out and run more comfortably, and when I do that I always have to have music. I like tons of different styles and I just set it on shuffle and go. One song and a bit of its lyrics hit me this week as something I should share here. The song is called “Ready” by Raphael Lake. The lyrics that moved me:

I don't get ready I stay ready
'Cause the consequences is heavy

What have I been preaching throughout our latest world event? Being strategic and staying ahead of the curve. But these lines actually say more, and say it better. So many times, I hear “Well as soon as things change we’ll push more, we’ll go then,” and that attitude is chasing the wave, instead of being on top of it. The play should be: Ready. Stay Ready.

And what are the consequences of not being ready? Well that would be competition that is strategic and moving, leaving you behind. I have been lucky to have clients right now that get it but obviously I’d like more and more of our industry to get it too. If you are not “ready” yet, get there because like the song says “the consequences is heavy.”


  • The Architectural Billings Index was released for April, and as expected it was down, but the drop from March was actually not that bad especially on the new project inquiries and contracts. They both stayed relatively flat with inquiries going up slightly. I was a little stunned when news reports had those specific areas as “significant drops.” Unless I am missing something these parts of the index were surely not even drops, let alone significant. Now, I know no one is happy with terrible numbers, but we also need to keep our heads about us. This is what it is, and it can be much worse. I’m still amazed that any new work is being booked given the crisis and overall narrative out in the world these days. By the way, the overall ABI dropped from 33.3 to 29.5; historic lows for sure, but I still say it can be worse and I really expected worse.
  • This article on a drop in prices and stabilization is probably not great news overall but it surely is another “is what it is” point.
  • Interesting to see that the big “C-Suite” job of the future is now chief safety officer. For many of us the role of safety has always been a major play, and now if this virus allows a focused position at a higher level to focus on all safety (not just the virus) than that’s great. And I know that most high-end HR professionals would fit this role, but I also like the focus of this being solely on the safety aspect of things. No payroll, no hiring.
  • I wrote above about “stay ready,” and great example of that is Daubmann family with My Shower Door and D3 Glass. Their drive showed true again with the word of another My Shower Door location in Cape Coral, Florida. They have been consistently moving and not letting anything stop them. Congrats to Bill and entire team there and as soon as this world returns to normal, I am going to check out the new operation!
  • Last week I broke down some excellent LinkedIn follows. This week, I am on the Twitter side. Now, in reality Twitter is a cesspool with so much awfulness everywhere. But there is some value in business and operations side, and you just have to know where to look. Here’s a few follows that will help you get there, and I am sure I have noted a few of these before but value still holds!

John Wheaton, @JohnLWheaton1: Mix of positivity and insight always.

Construction Dive, @constructdive: Constant updates and stories from the construction world

Dustin Anderson, @Dustin_And3rson: Projects, processes, opinions, and fun stuff. I like it, and it’s a welcome diversion from day to day stuff.

NGA News, @glassnation: Same as last week’s note, if you want to stay up to speed (or like the theme of this blog “stay ready’) then this is a must follow.

Kai Uwe Bergmann, @kaiuwebergmann: Big time architect with a big time feed.

I am sure I am missing some good ones; feel free to let me know!

  • Last this week; it probably doesn’t feel much like a holiday week, but it is Memorial Day and week in the U.S. and I hope everyone can find some time to turn their thoughts to the men and women who served in the armed forces and gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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