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From the Fabricator: The 2020 Predictions

We’ve reviewed past predictions and now it’s time to break out the trusty crystal ball and look at what I see ahead in the next 11 1/2 months of 2020. I am pretty confident about this grouping, and ready to go five for five when I review at the start of next year.

1.  Earthquake deal. Yes, every year I say “deals are coming,” but this year I am calling my shot; there will be a massive deal that hits our industry and one that will really catch people by surprise. Some of the rumors out there are pretty intense, and I do think the climate is very ripe for maybe even more than one landscape-altering transaction.

2.  The D 10 Revolution is here. The interior office space is perfect for glass. There is no good reason that glass installers shouldn’t be the main player here using systems from traditional glass fabricators. Look out for players like Virginia Glass and dormakaba to make waves, along with several others about to get into this world on a major basis. 

3.  The words “delegated design” get clarified, but also go mainstream. More and more glaziers are seeing this term and its vexing to them. It is an issue, one that will be addressed clearly at BEC by the way. It is here to stay, and will be growing in usage. If you are not in the know with “delegated design” and what it means to you, then get educated because it is something that could have a significant impact on your business (specifically glaziers).

4.  Big leap on virtual reality and software helping the glazier manage projects and jobsites. Everyone needs project managers. Everyone. But now, more and more software is being developed to be able to do more with less. I am seeing companies even developing their own apps and software to help streamline processes. That is something a few years ago that would be unheard of. In 2020 there’s a lot more of that and I can see more collaboration with glaziers, fabricators and manufacturers in the virtual realm. Efficiency is so crucial; this is path that is absolutely on the fast track.

5.  Glazier training and certification makes the leap. MyGlassClass, NACC, AGMT, etc. If you are not in or on it, you are behind. I see people at all levels of our business digging into these opportunities more than ever before and I think 2020 sees this area really grow dramatically. The issue that seemingly always delayed major growth here is people just didn’t have the time, desire or impetus to do this. Now while time is still very limited, the desire and impetus have evolved into must haves. 


  • From the various news reports, it sounds like NGA’s Annual Conference went very well. The highlight for me was news that the NGA Advocacy Committee is developing a “Strike Team” to advocate for glass and glazing at the legislative and regulatory levels, supported by NGA’s Code Consultants. Folks, this is huge because we have some great minds and talents representing our interest and believe me there’s tons of other industries who want to see us at the bottom constantly. More on the conference can be found in this recap.
  • Congrats to Rob Struble and the folks at Vitro Architectural Glass on their new website launch. Really smart, clean and user-friendly website that just knocks it out of the park at every turn. I love industry websites—you know I review the new ones here all the time—and love to learn new things along the way and the Vitro site delivers completely. Well done folks!
  • My friend Lyle Shimazu recently shared with me an article on the Top Airports in 2019. He and I talked about this when I had my thoughts on a previous article, and he came to the defense of the Portland Airport when I commented that I just didn’t see the greatness others do. Well, once again, and as always Lyle is right; The Wall Street Journal named Portland as the second best mid-size airport in the U.S. I guess it may be just me. The rest of the rankings were pretty interesting, and in a future blog I think I may break it down more.
  • Last this week: I saw the initial registration list for BEC and was just blown away at the names and companies registered already. This is going to be one big time event. Between the list and an incredible, meaty agenda you really don’t want to miss it.  

    Read on for links and video of the week...


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at