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One thing is for sure right now and it’s there is a lot of information out there on loans and assistance but how do you know what is right or wrong? I was thrilled that the National Glass Association was able to setup a must-attend webinar with financial expert Marco Terry to talk about things like the Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loans and others. These are very fluid and moving issues, like the PPP running out of funding, that we need to have a handle on. This week, we have our chance to hear from a trusted and respected expert on this and more. Marco is up to date on the latest, and again is the absolute best in his field. Click here to learn more and get registered.  Note, the live webinar is open to all but if you miss it the replay is only for NGA members. (So join!) And yes, I do work for and with the NGA but right now all that the team there is doing to educate and work with the industry is incredible. They are truly there for you and this industry.


  • I keep talking about the “post” planning and almost right on cue was an article that took a nice dive into planning for contractors and owners. I believe as we start to emerge from this, there will be an initial rush of need and lots of pressure on logistics before things settle. (And hopefully they don’t settle “too much”)

    This passage is one to keep in mind: 
    “First, Robbins said, when contractors are cleared to begin work, they could find themselves waiting in a long line for building inspections; materials, tools and equipment; and skilled trade workers and other labor, particularly as some seek to make up for schedule delays.”

    This article basically backed a lot of what I have been preaching here―automation is a must, communication paramount and strategic planning a priority. We continue to have challenging roads in front of us, so take the time to plan the trip now.
  • I am big into the positivity that can still be had out there, because most days right now, it’s not out in force. Anyway John Wheaton is always a great source of that positivity and this tweet really made my day:
  • While some have more time on their hands than others, I do think finding those areas of knowledge are crucial. Case in point the latest blog post by the brilliant Rick Alexander of Tom Brown Inc. No doubt people like me are the audience for posts that educate about things like seals and glazing tapes. This one was short, smart, and effective. Nice work, Rick. And folks, if there is a good blog post out there you want me to see, please drop me a line!
  • Last this week; two very sad notes from our world. Absolute gut punches for me when I heard. 

    Last week, my project of the week was from Ajay Glass. I noted that I have known them for years―great family business. Well that family lost its leader this week in the passing of George Stathopoulos. George was a tremendous man and father who came to the U.S. from Greece in the early 60’s and worked his way through learning how to be a glazier all the way to buying Ajay Glass and then building it into the absolutely incredible company it is today. He raised an awesome family including three sons that run the operation today and are pillars in our industry and in their community. The title of legend can be thrown around lightly, but it really fits on George. He did it the right way and he will be remembered positively forever. His family will carry on his legacy and all will sorely miss him. My thoughts, prayers and condolences to Jim, Steve, Dean, the entire Stathopolous family, and everyone at Ajay and in our industry that had the supreme honor of knowing George.

    I also got word this week that Jim Gresehover, vice president of international development for Pleotint/Suntuitive Glass passed away. Jim was a wonderful man and a rare beast in our world. He was so incredibly good at the international game. Dealing with so many different styles and cultures is very difficult, but Jim made it look easy. I was honored to see a presentation he did at glasstec in 2018 and in a room that featured people from all over the globe, Jim was in the zone. He absolutely mesmerized the audience. It was something to see. Jim was a guy who loved glass and loved innovation. He was a pros pro at this game. My heart and condolences go out to Jim’s family and friends and his co-workers. He will truly be missed, and our industry lost a passionate advocate for all of the good things our product of choice brings. 

    I know we have a lot going in our world, but please keep both the Stathopolous and Gresehover families in your thoughts during this tough time. 


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at