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Huge Retirement

The big news from the industry this week was the announced planned retirement of Apogee CEO Joe Puishys. I have been a huge fan of Joe’s from the first time I heard him speak at BEC and believe he is an excellent leader and representative of our industry. The fact he is retiring as of February 2021 will surely leave a mark. I liked that Joe “got it” with regards to the way the industry worked and what it needed to be, and we need more people of his mindset, not less.

Obviously, I am always happy for those lucky enough to retire, but I am surely bummed that he’s stepping away. As for his replacement, that has not been announced yet, but those are some serious shoes to fill. I am excited and curious to see who comes away in that role though and hope they stand up for our world and support events like BEC like Joe did. In any case we’ll be surely watching this one closely, and happy trails Joe!


  • What a week at GlassBuild Connect. So many good things went on. A few highlights from me:
    • The NACC session with Jeff Dalaba and Ben Beeler on quality management was incredible. One solid hour of reasons why you want your glazing operation to be a part of a system like NACC and the difference it could make. Especially with tougher times possibly ahead, any mistake could be a killer. Get ahead of it now.
    • The Veka Town Hall and Plant Tour was as great as I hoped and expected. The tour was fun and interesting, and the Town Hall featured such a wide range of questions, it really did not matter that I wasn’t a core customer for them. They handled things like work from home, the economy, etc. Enjoyable, interesting session.
    • By the way these are available On Demand at the site, so sometime before the month ends, get there, check them out and also check out all of the products and exhibitors.
    • Thanks to the Scavenger Hunt Contest sponsors from this week: C.R. Laurence, Armor Guard, Lite Sentry, and Amesbury Truth. Appreciate you all stepping up and supporting this event. So many have been “all in” with GlassBuild and that is beyond wonderful and appreciated.
    • This week again a lot of “must see” but big key is Thursday my guy Chris Phillips will go Live with his Shower Door installation tips and tricks. That is one to absolutely block out on your schedule.

Go to to see the schedule and check it all out!

  • While we all wait for the other economic shoe to fall, the recent numbers coming out continue to be positive. The latest Dodge Momentum Index was up, and nonresidential starts were up 16 percent. That is all stuff in the positive column. Later this week the next Architectural Billings Index is due out and I am expecting it to either stay at 40, where it’s been for 2 straight months, or drop a bit. I also think design contracts will drop into the 30’s from 44 in the last report. As always, I hope I am wrong and will gladly eat the crow if so!
  • Last this week: I watched a little football this past weekend and I am amazed at how dominant the commercials are from the insurance side of the world. GEICO, Progressive, Liberty, and State Farm are in almost every commercial block. And to their credit their creative is pretty good too. What’s your favorite? I’m going with Flo from Progressive and all the spots they do, but this is a close battle overall. On social media I’ll set up a poll on this…

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at