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The Mental Game

I’m getting coached up. In times like these, where there is so much going on and a lot of the news streaming is negative, having an outlet with someone professional to give you some direction and focus is crucial. See, I got very lucky. One of my best friends is a professional coach. He works with business people and athletes and helps them on the mental game. He’s given me tips and directions along the way that have made a huge difference in how I am able to operate. Improved my mindset, and my work rate is better than ever. I even introduced to him to one of my clients and the results there have been awesome. I know several people who already use coaches in their businesses but I never thought I’d be one of them.

I bring this up because I think it’s something that is valuable and everyone out there should consider. The negative news cycle and business challenges can run together and wreak havoc, so combatting that the best way you can should be a priority. We all have to keep moving and plugging along, and if there is a way to make those efforts more efficient or valuable I am all for it. Plus, I’m blessed that I somehow became friends with a coach! Anyway just food for thought, and feel free to look in to the coaching aspect and take advantage of all that it can bring. 


  • Circling back on one big news item that got run over by the pandemic break out; The huge product launch by the team at Diamon-Fusion International- DFI. They had the brutal luck of debuting a new FuseCube Express back in March at pretty much the same time that the lockdowns went nationwide. Now, no one in our industry exudes positivity like Syndi Sim of DFI, but I’m sure the rough timing even got her down a bit. That said, I got word they are re-launching so keep an eye out for it and check it out!
  • And it’s items like this from Syndi, and many other marketers who had big plans for this year, and especially major launches at GlassBuild, that got me thinking. That is why GlassBuild Connect is going to be so huge and so important. There is no other major platform that will be making the amount of news and information that GlassBuild Connect will make in the entire month of September. This will be a great jumping off point in our current world to get the word out. With no face-to-face for a while, we all have to keep selling right?

    At least with GlassBuild Connect the potential is there, and it is massive potential because it is not a “virtual” show with some computer generated reality templates mocked up to look like an event, but actually a strong news/education/trends experience and outlet that will have people interested and engaged constantly. The perfect place to push your news and learn/grow.
  • Time for the most recent Glass Magazine review. It’s the “Building a New Normal” issue with the great looking Crawford-Tracey project on the cover. This issue is the always-popular Top 50 Glazier edition. This is one of the editions that the industry lives for; they can see who’s leading the path and what they are up to. (Same goes for the Annual Top Fabricator issues.) Plus, the layout and details really are jawdropping. Kudos to the team at Glass Magazine for the work! That coverage alone makes it a must; then add in my favorite series these days, “TrendHunter,” and you have a big winner. Loaded issue; check it out!
  • The ad of the month as always is a challenge to choose. Lots of very good branding and content, but the award for this issue goes to Cardinal for their awesome two-page spread on their “four layers of silver/one layer of clean” ad. Great looking piece and obviously a full layout immediately garners the attention, but the creative carried it. Congrats to the team there for a job well done!
  • Recently, my good friend Tim Finley of TFin Building Solutions wrote a fabulous blog that will be getting published very soon. I had the honor of seeing it before submittal and it’s a wonderful piece and resource. Pumped that Tim is sharing his knowledge, and I can’t wait to see it online! (I’ll share from my social media and other places when it’s live)
  • Last this week; so much going on all of sudden, I almost forgot to mention the NGA Glass Conference that starts later this month. One of the sessions is a fabricator focused one with “Troubleshooting for Glass Fabricators,” and it’s featuring a serious Hall of Fame panel of experts. I was floored when I saw that Chris Barry, Bill Lingnell, Stan Joehlin, and one of my all- time-faves, Mike Burk, were the experts. My goodness, the brainpower/experience there is off the charts. If you are a fabricator, you and your key operation folks do not want to miss this! Learn more about this session and the entire conference here.

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at