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On the Bumpy Road

The latest Architectural Billings Index was released this week, and while it was better than the previous month, it still struggled more than we would like. The main index came in at 44.9 which is still not close enough to the break-even of 50 for anyone’s liking. The good news did come in that design contracts were up a bit to 48.1 and the inquiries remained strong posting a 56.8. This is certainly a slower start to the year than we hoped and if we don’t start to climb out of the depths soon, the alarms will surely be ringing.

As always, a couple keys for our world continue to be a push to make sure you are as diverse as possible and communicating at the most effective level with your supply chain. We knew the bumpy road was out there and we’re looking at it straight ahead right now.


Josh Wignall Moves to Quaker Windows & Doors

Congrats to Josh Wignall on his move to Quaker Window & Doors. He announced that last week, and what a great thing for both Josh and Quaker. Josh is one of the most talented folks we have in this industry and I am excited to see what he does in his new home! 

Bonneli Doors & Windows Launches New Website

While we are at it, props to Cameron Wyatt and the team at Bonelli Doors & Windows. They recently launched a new website and it is spectacular. Great looking projects and user friendly. Good stuff and a super representation of our industry.

Top 10 U.S. States for Green Building 

Once again, time for a list, this time the Top 10 States in the U.S. for Green Building came out. It is based on the amount of green related square footage built. Shall we take a look?

10. Nevada. Very surprised here, did not expect the excess of what usually comes here to be green.

9. Texas. I’m a sucker for Texas, so I think it should be higher, lol.

8. Virginia. Proximity to D.C. played a role.

7. California. With how huge that state is and the attitude there, stunned it’s not higher.

6. Maryalnd. See Virginia note.

5. New York. See California note.

4. Colorado. I guess they are green in a few ways there, eh?

3. Illinois. Genuine surprise for me, didn’t expect them this high.

2. Washington state. No doubt, with Seattle’s intense push.

And No. 1 was Massachusetts. Really wild, considering the size of the state and a lot of previous “talk but no action” his time they delivered. 

Architizer’s “Best Of” Projects

Architizer has a contest going for best projects in North America, and in promoting it showed a bunch of “Best of” from last year. Check out the link here, and look for the work you may have done. Some excellent projects on here! My favorite was the Perkins + Will one in Boston (last one pictured) though that one in Quebec City was incredible too.

From the Fabricator podcast

ICYMI, last week I did launch episode 2 of the From the Fabricator Podcast. The video of the cast can be found here and if you are into listening to it, it is on Apple, Spotify, Google and more, just search my name or From the Fabricator. Thank you! It was a fun one, too, so and I have already started on episode 3. Excited for yet another cool mix of guests!

Creating Structure podcast

Also the latest from John Wheaton are out, and they are incredible. The two most recent feature Jeff Heymann of Benson and Alfonso Lopez of Sentech. Serious tech intelligence on those pods between John and guests. Wow. Here’s the link for them all. 

Pandemic inflation

Last this week: So I was able to take in a movie at a theater (it was a special showing of “Hidden Figures” and I had not seen it before, tremendous movie and story) and the one thing that got me was I think the pandemic-infused inflation is going to be something as we come out of this. My soft drink was $6.25. Popcorn $8.95. Maybe that’s normal for some of you, but sure isn’t for me. I think folks are trying to make all they lost back quicker, and in a way I can’t blame ‘em. I continue to root for a return to normalcy for all!


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at