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It is that time again, another new episode of the “From the Fabricator” podcast is out! The fourth edition has a really interesting range of guests and insights. Mary Avery of Tubelite is this awesome talent, and it was very interesting finding out about her path to our world and she also shared two incredible projects. Then Jim Stathopoulos of Ajay Glass joined me, and his forecasting may scare some of you, but it is certainly something to take into the planning stage. That among many other items, including a great tribute to his legendary father were very cool to experience.

Then two younger guys in our world, James Wright and Jeremy Hoy of Virginia Glass Products and Virginia Mirror Co. joined me to talk about their youth, their hair, their laminated, mirror and more. Fun stuff! That, plus commentary off the top on the latest acquisitions and must-see documentaries mentioned at the end. Thank you again for checking it out!

To watch this episode on YouTube, all you have to do is click here and to listen only, go to Spotify, Apple, Google or wherever you listen to your podcasts and download from there.


Pandemic Labor Challenges

Last week’s lead story hit home for many of you as the labor need is really in a crisis mode. And again, it’s not just in our segment or construction. It is all over, and it’s hitting the service industry hard. This story from a town not too far from me really spells it out. Scary stuff.

Top Glass

Top Glass in Canada happens this week on Wednesday and has a strong and interesting lineup of speakers and subjects. I always enjoy Mark Jacobson’s insights and he’s speaking so that makes it even more worthy. Pat Flannery and team do such a nice job here, so check it out and register here. I look forward to attending this one in person next year!

ABI Anticipation

The next release of the Architectural Billings Index also comes out Wednesday. There is a ton of anticipation for this one given how great the last report was. I’m going in with the attitude of hope for the best but expect the worst. I don’t think there’s any way the March results will beat February, but once again I’ll be thrilled to be wrong. No matter what, I’ll have it here next week to comment on.

Goldilocks Economy

I have never heard the term the “Goldilocks” economy but evidently we may be in one? Builder Magazine had a good rundown of what that is and why we possibly are in that mode.


A couple of congratulations to go out… first to Kevin Carter who just landed at AIG as a regional sales lead. Kevin is an old friend who got caught up in some of the CGH adventures. Thrilled that he has landed with a good group, and he’ll do nice work there. In addition, congrats go out to my friend Lindsey Rowe Parker of Rowe Fenestration as her first book was published and released to the masses. Lindsey wrote a very cool children’s book that will be a must-have in the special education community called “Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes: Calm my Jitters Down,” and it truly is awesome. The help that this book will provide parents, teachers, and therapists will be off the charts. Great work Lindsey, super proud of you! Learn more and if you want to order this, here’s the site.  

Historic Home

This is a fascinating story of a historic home in Florida that was basically gutted by the owners without the proper permits, permissions etc. I found the whole read and process to be very interesting along with the odd sense of deniability shown by the owners.

Architecture after COVID

Last this week… ICYMI, the very talented Norah Dick of Glass Magazine had a great piece on Architecture after COVID. This gave some good insight from some previous presentations and also via some strong industry experts. Plus, a good mention on vacuum insulating glass that probably brought a huge smile to the face of Michael Spellman of VIG Technologies. 

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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