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Is It Time to Welcome in Change?

Since COVID appeared on the world stage in late 2019, we have seen change, human innovation, and imagination propel the world forward. We took another step forward by attending GlassBuild America in Atlanta, Georgia, in September. GlassBuild allowed those of us in attendance an opportunity to meet in person again, learn about new products and services, find new solutions for our companies, develop new partnerships or rekindle old ones, and much more.

Could GlassBuild also be an opportunity to welcome change into your organization through either new equipment, software, training techniques, or updated processes? What could really happen when you welcome change into your organization?

Why is change important?

The world is constantly changing, and we must adapt to that change! Change makes us uncomfortable. Adapting to change in any aspect of our lives can be difficult. This holds true for change in the workplace. It is easy to stay in our comfort zone and follow learned habits. However, change is an essential aspect of organization, work life, and really life, in general. Change in an organization leads to many positive results, such as

  • retaining a competitive edge,
  • remaining relevant in your industry,
  • keeping ideas fresh within your organization, and
  • moving forward to address new challenges that will arise in the future.

Investing in your company

Going back to the GlassBuild example, attendance allowed us to inspect new machinery, which could, if purchased, help your organization produce lites or windows/doors faster and more efficiently. This change allows your organization to move forward by addressing a new challenge. “Change makes opportunities come to life,” according to Karen McCullough, a nationally known keynote speaker and expert on change, generational opportunities, and workforce trends.

Software is another key area where you can welcome change into your organization. QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets both have a time and a place. They are useful for some things, but not running a facility when you are producing hundreds of lites or windows/doors per day. Industry-specific software is built to help

  • make your organization more efficient,
  • optimize your processes (such as cutting or racking),
  • maximize yield, decrease time between order and delivery, etc.

These benefits will keep your organization competitive, as well as allow you to remain relevant in the industry and address new challenges from bigger competitors.

The Dangers of Stagnation

When organizations don’t change, they face a number of possibilities, one of which is extinction. A recent example is Blockbuster. We all know what happened because most of us stream content through one provider every day. There is no one reason why Netflix succeeded and Blockbuster failed, but some people point to an unwillingness to change by Blockbuster’s upper management.

“Innovation and the ability to react to change in your business area come with the possibility of great new business opportunities, while ignoring the need to change can come at great peril,” according to Karen McCullough.

Change, such as adding new machinery or software, comes with great opportunity that can advance your organization. No one decision will solve the labor shortage or resolve the supply chain bottlenecks your organization is facing in 2021. However, by changing your processes and expanding your partnerships, you could find solutions that help move the needle of your organization forward. Is it time to welcome change into your organization?


Chris Kammer

Chris Kammer

Chris Kammer is the marketing lead for A+W Software North America. Kammer can be reached at and 847/220-5237.