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Looking Back Before We Look Forward

As is tradition, on the second post of the new year, I make predictions for our industry right here on this blog. Some years are better than others, and each following year I review them and either take a victory lap or take my lumps. Obviously, for my 2020 predictions I should get a pass on all because the year surely wasn’t normal. In any case, I still need to look back here and review my calls. Here goes:

“Earthquake deal”

I was calling for a major player, or players, to be sold, and I think it would’ve happened in a few cases if things did not go so sideways.

“The D 10 Revolution is here: The interior office space is perfect for glass”

I think all of the parts and pieces were here and 2020 was the start. The pandemic, and the changing of the office space and needs within it are absolutely perfect for glass and the whole “Division 10” play. I count this as a win and look out, it’s only going to grow, especially when more competent companies (like more folks from the actual glass industry) join in the space.

“The words 'delegated design' get clarified, but also go main stream”

They did get clarified, but is it mainstream now? I don’t know. It surely seemed lost in the wash and didn’t hit like I thought.

“A big leap on virtual reality and software, helping the glazier manage projects and jobsites” 

Maybe I’m crazy, but this should’ve taken off, but I don’t think it did. I think people getting used to working remotely took the air out this. Maybe in 2021 it will happen. 

“Glazier training and certification makes the leap”

No doubt in my mind that the rough 2020 landscape hurt this movement, but I still saw a ton of great things from NACC and AGMT. They added more certified plays in their efforts, and to me that is huge― the folks there are doing great work to show the value which I believe is a must in our world. As for education, it was available everywhere, including online like never before, and so I think it gained but the saturation also hurt it as did the inability to meet in person.

In the end, I was pretty much on my typical pace of predictions with some right, some wrong, some maybe. Next week I’ll be making the fearless choices for 2021, so stay tuned for that one!


  • For a lot of us, understanding things like carbon emissions and where we fit as an industry is a heavy lift.  So, this article from Dr. Helen Sanders of Technoform really was clutch. As readers of this blog know, I am huge fan of Helen’s and it’s items like this that solidify that belief. Check it out!
  • I missed mentioning the news of Paul Mahedy joining Hartung Glass at COO. Paul has done some incredible things in this industry on the ops side, so this looks like a fabulous hire. Congrats to Paul and the Hartung team.
  • I mentioned NACC and AGMT above and their parent organization the AGMCC made big news before the holidays with the addition of Rowan Georges of SOM to their board. SOM obviously is a massive leader on the architectural side of the world and adding someone of influence from that company to a board within our industry is brilliant. I also have had the chance to chat with Rowan and he is an incredibly sharp and impressive person. This is excellent news for all involved for sure. 
  • A question for my many Minnesota readers: This building is scheduled to be torn down but there’s now a fight to save the 1969 structure. What do you all say on it? I believe in historic preservation when logical and when there is a way to improve the building in the various must needed facets (safety, energy, security, etc.) However, on the flip side, keeping a building and potentially not improving it (where I have seen in Detroit waaaay too many times) is not a good thing. What say you fine people from the Twin Cities?
  • Last this week: Super Bowl predictions. Yes, these are usually always wrong but I do it so people can sit back and enjoy the awfulness of my sports picks. (Note before the season started I was on Carolina― oof!) Now I’m going with a Kansas City repeat. Patrick Mahomes is so good that I just can’t see him losing along the way. They will beat Tom Brady and the Bucs in what should be a pretty solid game. Sorry in advance fans of those teams!! 

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at