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Mid-Year Check In

It is now mid-year forecast time, and this coming week we’ll have a big release on what some of the main analysts are seeing for the rest of 2021 and into 2022. My approach is still the same, we knew 2021 was a “donut” and for a lot of the industry (but not all) we are in the hole right now. However, the other side is coming quickly; things will perk up as the year goes on and it will lead to strong 2022. Now that said, there is some skittishness because of the supply chain, worries about the virus still, and the labor pool is as muddy as ever. That can surely depress some things, but I remain fairly bullish. What will the experts say? We’ll find out this week and I’ll break it down next week here.


From the Fabricator Podcast 

Also next week, a new episode of the From the Fabricator podcast will drop. I’ll be recording with three great guests, including one person I know pretty well, one that I just got to know this year, and one that I have never met personally. All bring interesting stories and interesting products to the table, so I look forward to sharing soon!

Kensington Glass Arts Celebrates 45 Years 

Congrats to the folks at Kensington Glass Arts on their 45th anniversary! Tremendous accomplishment, and they have done a ton in their time in our world. As I have noted here before, their support of the industry and their desire to go above and beyond (like their efforts with NACC and certification) is truly admirable. Congrats to the team there!

MY Shower Door Signs Michigan Athlete for Promotion

Recently, rules have changed where college athletes can now get some sort of compensation for their “Name, Image and Likeness” (NIL) and with that there’s been a major push to get athletes of all makes and models promoting brands and services. We now even have a major glass company involved. MY Shower Door signed Michigan Linebacker Peter Simmons III, and yet again Bill Daubmann and family are making positive news for our industry.  This move is brilliant (and funny because a buddy of mine was begging me to have Sole Source sign a player and I laughed it off) and typical of the always-working mind of Bill and team. Congrats to all and to Peter Simmons III – GO BLUE and make our industry proud!

10 Most Livable Cities

See the 10 most livable cities in the world.  There’s a few from Australia on the list, which means I need to ask my friend Lakshman Kalupathirana of SPIL Glass Software about how great it is living there and if this list is legit. No North American cities in top 10. I am not sure of the overall parameters used but these sorts of stories are always interesting to me.

Future of Airport Design

Good article on airport design with a look at LAX and its ongoing renovations. I feel like LAX has been under some sort of construction for years―I even saw a Super Sky post on LinkedIn this week showing off a skylight there. I guess it’s a never ending process, eh?

NGA Glass Conference

Last this week; the NGA Glass Conference is coming up quick. July 20 is the date, and it is free to attend and only runs a few afternoon (ET) hours. This is a huge opportunity to get up to speed on all of the NGA technical activities. Given the massive challenges we all face, having more information at your fingertips could be the difference between a great month and a crummy one. Click here to check it out and join in!

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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