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New Company, New Battles, and Lots of Kudos

I take a week off of blogging and tons of news happens―let’s get to it!

The biggest was the acquisition of Global Security Glazing and Dlubak Specialty Glass by Isoclima. This is massive news because it brings one of the best glass players in the world in Isoclima into the United States. Having their expertise matched with the talented and hungry folks at Global and Dlubak really works well for our space, and I am excited for all involved. It is refreshing to see a global player who has not yet made a major mark in North America jump in with both feet, and I think it just strengthens our industry as whole. Congrats to all involved and I look forward to seeing how this plays out!


Battle for the Wall at UCSB

The “battle for the wall” is really playing out in real time with the proposed design of a dorm at the University of California at Santa Barbara. If you have not followed it, the story is wild- a major dorm with basically no windows. Read more about the background of the story. The great Andrew Haring went to work on it in this piece, the always brilliant Dr. Kayla Natividad had excellent comments, and you can find an interesting interview with the man behind the design. Obviously, I think there’s a ton wrong with the design and there needs to be some serious intervention and education happening here.

Some congrats to go around… 

Quaker Windows

To Quaker Window on a great new commercial website. Check it out, and once again Josh Wignall just showing his brilliance on the big stage.

Ubiquitous Energy

To Ubiquitous Energy on the launching of their new blog. Well done by Allison Moghaddasi and the team there, I like the start and look forward to more!

Rick Alexander

And they can shoot for being as good as Rick Alexander at Tom Brown Inc. Rick never ever disappoints and this latest one on Silicone Alternatives is huge because being in a supply chain crisis, the more you know about options the better. 

Kirk Johnson

To my old pal Kirk Johnson on his new position as chief operating officer at Pulp Studios. Kirk doesn’t read this blog, but I don’t hold it against him. Could be the reason why he’s so successful. LOL. Anyway, I love seeing my former co-workers do awesome work and Kirk has always been one of the best.


Last on the congrats to Viracon for getting a huge honor in the 2021 President’s “E” Award for Exports from the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. The President’s “E” Award is the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. Absolutely awesome and I think it’s all because Cameron Scripture speaks like 5 languages so he’s obviously the one selling all over, right?

Congrats to all!

Podcast Guest

On my last blog I teased an upcoming podcast―it did not come together, but do not fret, I do still have things lined up for a few special editions to end the year, and I have already lined up some amazing guests for the new year. So many amazing people in our industry, and I want to shine the light on as many as I can.

However I was honored to be a guest on a podcast! The great Jim Evans of Bid Clips had me on his outstanding “Today in Trades” podcast and it was a great experience, and Jim brought out some really strong talking points. Check it out!

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 Wor'ds Most Tranquil Cities (?)

Time for another list, you know how much I love them. Where are the world’s most “tranquil” cities? How many have you been to? My thoughts below.

1. Bergen, Norway

2. Perth, Australia

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

4. Helsinki, Finland

5. Wellington, New Zealand

6. Zurich, Switzerland

7. Brisbane, Australia

8. Melbourne, Australia

9. Stockholm, Sweden

10. Auckland, New Zealand

11. Oslo, Norway

12. Sydney, Australia

13. Copenhagen, Denmark

14. Tel Aviv, Israel

15. Christchurch, New Zealand

16. Toronto, Canada

17. San Jose, Costa Rica

18. Dallas, U.S.

19. Houston, U.S.

20. Washington, D.C., U.S.

Someone tell me how D.C. is tranquil? Also, shouldn’t the traffic in Toronto alone disqualify that area- and I love Toronto and Canada in general. Same thing for Houston and Dallas, the traffic and roads are killers. I guess I have a different feel for tranquil than the author here.

Turkey Day

Last this week: Thanksgiving in the U.S. is approaching, and this will be the last blog post before that hits. Yes, I know it’s odd to take off yet another week, but that’s the way the schedule bounced. Those of you who know me know this is my all-time favorite holiday, so I am beyond excited. And I want to wish everyone out there a hearty and wonderful holiday and my sincere thanks for your support. It means a ton! See you again after Turkey Day!


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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