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New Pod, Great People and Products

The latest “From the Fabricator” podcast is now out, and it is a jam packed one! Covering a lot of ground here from innovations, to a great marketing mind, to TEXpo, to learning something new about my brother and broken windows.

  • I kick it off with David Maikowski of Ubiquitous Energy, and folks, his product is a fascinating one. A massive plus for our industry and one to watch.
  • Then on to Casey Anderson of ICD Coatings. Casey is a seriously brilliant woman, and she gets it on so many levels, including the need for technical over fluff.
  • I follow that with a short visit with Sam Hill of Oak Cliff Mirror and Glass and the Texas Glass Association. He gives an update on TEXpo (which I will be at, and can’t wait) and how exciting that event is looking.
  • Last, I end with my brother Steve and picking his brain from wanting to be in the industry at a young age, innovating into tempered and insulating, great industry people and more. His influence is something that is really apparent and pretty much blows me away.

Thank you for supporting this adventure of mine―you can watch here and listen here (or find on Apple podcasts, Spotify, etc.) Hope you enjoy checking it out as much as I did making it!


The International Year of Glass

The news came down this week that 2022 will be the International Year of Glass! That is tremendous stuff, and should only be good for all of us going forward. I expect a lot more details to come, but as the great leader of this effort, Alicia Duran, noted in her announcement of this happening, “Welcome to the Age of Glass.” 

Thirsty Thursday

Big Thirsty Thursday this week. Standards for anisotropy is the topic, and it’s a major one in the tempering world. This presentation will address the most current research and technical updates surrounding anisotropy, including a review of new ASTM Test Method for Measuring Optical Retardation in Flat Architectural Glass. Presenter is the great Louis Moreau, head of technology & innovation at AGNORA. Sign up today here!

First Anniversary for Quaker Windows & Doors

Congrats to the team at Quaker Windows & Doors as they celebrated their 1st Anniversary in Eldon, Missouri, and also announced an expansion. And, because Josh Wignall, the director of commercial marketing of Quaker, does nothing smalltime, Quaker had the Governor of Missouri Mike Parson in attendance to cut the ribbon on the start of the additional plant space. Very cool to have this sort of exposure to Quaker and our industry, and I am sure the Gov was very impressed with the great people and products at Quaker. Congrats to all!

D3 and MYShowerDoor Honored

I think Bill Daubmann and his team at D3 and MYShowerDoor win so many awards and recognitions that we may just have to create all new categories for them. Congrats to Bill for winning Southwest Florida’s “Distinguished Entrepreneur” for 2021. That is a huge honor for Bill and our industry. Awards like this bring our industry the right sort of publicity and it’s exciting. I think the only award left for Bill is either an Oscar or Grammy, so stay tuned!

Top 10 states seeing growth

Last this week, another list for me; the Top 10 U.S. States that grew the most from 2010 to 2020 according to the latest Census. 

10. South Carolina

Great state and area, actually thought this would be higher.

9. Arizona

First surprise on the list for me.

8. Washington

Another surprise; must be the Devin Bowman/David Vermeulen factor.

7. Florida

There may be tons of “Florida Man” stories, but it is a great state to live in.

6. Colorado

Maybe being the leader in legalizing a certain plant first helped here? 

5. Nevada

There is more to this state than Vegas, obviously. 

4. North Dakota

If it didn’t get cold here, I’d move this way.

3. Texas

I love the great state of Texas. I really thought this would be No.1.

2. Idaho

Stunner; I have only been here once. Obviously, the lure of being in the same area of Idaho State football hall of famer and glass guy Dave Michaeli is the draw! 

1. Utah

 Cool area with so much to offer, knew it would be high, did not think No.1.

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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