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I’m happy to announce the latest edition of the From the Fabricator podcast is now live! Yes, I missed dropping one in November, as for the first time since I started this I had guests ghost me. Really bizarre experience.

Anyway, that’s behind me and now we move to this episode which was pretty darn cool.

  • Kicking it off with Tom Jackson of Steel Encounters.
  • The person that he is and work that he and his team does is simply amazing and a nice dive into a culture there that works very well too.
  • Then to Chris Phillips of Showcase Shower Door. Chris went into the shower world and has been oh so strong, and also developed several cool inventions (which we show) that can help the installer out.
  • Last but not least, my good friend Rich Porayko of Construction Creative and jumps on to talk marketing and his new venture that has some great benefits to many in our industry. Thank you for checking it out!

Watch on YouTube

See the amazing Steel Encounters project, and some helpful inventions in the shower enclosure space.

Listen on Apple or Spotify

Later this month, I will have a special edition of the podcast―one guest―one of the most important people this industry has ever seen, and the insight he shares is incredible, so stay tuned for that!


Leo Karas Passes Away

Tough one. I was very sad to hear the news on the passing of Leo Karas of Karas and Karas Glass Company. Leo was a tremendous leader in our industry and events like the BEC would not exist without Leo. (Seriously he was one of the key people that started it.) I got to know Leo a little bit when I first started in the industry and he truly was larger than life. Class person who always kept the best interests of the industry as a whole in mind.

Our industry and world were made so much better by Leo and I’m honored to say I knew him, and am glad his influence led to his son Joey continuing the amazing path he developed.

My sincerest thoughts and condolences to Joey and the entire Karas family, friends, and co-workers. 

Chris Rowe Q&A

I’ve never been bashful about my respect and appreciation for the Rowe family and Rowe Fenestration, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned Chris Rowe until now; he was featured in an excellent Q&A that focused on communication and especially when everyone is remote. Great work by Chris here; super lessons to take hold of and makes our industry look strong. 

Matt Verderamo Now Blogging

And while I am on the path of raving about folks, the continually impressive Matt Verderamo of Alliance Exterior Construction has taken his great LinkedIn series “Talking Shop” and now went full blogger too.  Here’s the site and sign up to get these excellent pieces direct to your email. Keep up the good work Matt!

Daniel Sutton Now Product Manager at Vitro

Congrats to Daniel Sutton at Vitro on his new position as Product Manager for Value Added products. Good guy and great role in pushing products that will make a big difference in our universe. Daniel’s background in the sustainability world will pay off here to really show what our industry is doing works and I am excited to watch this effort going forward!

NGA News

Two NGA notes of importance. First Thursday, Dec. 9 the legend Julie Schimmelpenningh of Eastman will lead a “ThirstyThursday” webinar with a focus on the latest in the laminated glass world. Given how big laminated is now and still growing, getting insight from Julie is a huge benefit to take on. Learn more and register here. It’s free.

Also from NGA; if you are member (and if you’re not, you should become one and this alone should push you there) there’s a special member only webinar on Dec. 14 featuring Connor Lokar of ITR Economics. This is big because it’s a chance to get the latest intel on the 2022 forecast from the best in the biz. And anyone who’s seen Connor in action knows the value he provides is immense. If you’re a member, register now and if you’re not, join the NGA and then get on this webinar.

Reading about Supply Chain

Last this week, book recommendation that connects to a big thing weighing on all of us these days. The supply chain. It’s “Arriving Today: From Factory to Front Door: Why Everything Has Changed About How and What We Buy” by Christopher Mims. Our world has changed and Mims was there for it all, including cargo ship sailors stuck at sea for months after COVID broke and really the entire story of the supply chain from the very start to the ultimate finish. A more compelling read than you would think, but given our current world-, this one really hit nicely.

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at